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Pain in Chest

Hi, just wondering if any of you have suffered pain around breast bone and back. Have had a bad virus and along with it a cough. It's lasted about three weeks, have had antibiotics but am now left with this horrendous tightness and pain around chest, hurts to move, to drive to hold anything!! X Rays clear so now not sure if it due to Parkinson's or something else, any help would be appreciated as I think my doctor is starting to think it's in my head. Painkillers not working and they interfere with my meds. Seems my tremor is worse as well.

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Me too had problems with chestpain and after complete stop taking NEUPRO pads the problem almost dissepeared.(10% left)

Dopamin agonist was the problem for me.

redusing did not help , had to stop complete.

my nevro and my doctor didnt find what caused but it was not the hart in my case.

i had to lay down on a bed and in 1/2 å minute the pressure / pain in solarus plexus was gone.

But still have the problem (10%) after 10 years +

all the best


Thank you, will be seeing neuro in a couple of weeks. So hopefully will be able to sort it. Wishing you well :-)


Do you describe it as a tight feeling. My husband has jar called me to say it's tight and painful .in exactly the same place . He asked me to loosen this .!!

I think it's the postured collapsing . Have you tried stretching out . Does that help . I lay J out flat for a while


I was having chest pain alot to the point I was afraid it may be a heart attack, pain down my arm, between my shoulder blades, couldn't breath at times and became dizzy. My DR put me on Propranolol 10 mg twice a day and it had helped greatly. They told me i have Tachycardia, stress induced my heart beats too fast and gets this fluttering feeling.............. anxiety. Also my tremor would get worse.... anxiety. I would talk to your DR and make sure it isn't something serious.


I wonder if you could have costochondritis. I get that now whenever I have a cough for any length of time. It is very painful. Inflammation of the rib cartilage.


Thank you that would make sense, it is so very painful.


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