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caretaker for a companion with Parkinsons

I'm new, researcing the tmj connection. We have made an appointment with a local dentist that claims he can treat tmj, We are concerned that his questions don't seem to fit a parkinsons condition. David doesn't have any extreme pain (neck, shoulder, back, and occasional head ache) He also has restless leg syndrom that requires rubbing his legs constantly. He was injured twice when he was 17 hit in the face with a baseball, He is now 66 was told he had parkinsons when he was about 53. He doesn't have tremers. He has jerking movements that effect holding a glass and eating. His left side is very weak.

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I have TMD. A constant headache drove me to a dentist who specialized in disorders of the jaw. After a full mouth xray and physical exam, I was advised to eat only soft foods requiring minimal chewing, moist heat application and stretching exercises. He also made a custom orthotic that I wore at night. I was able to gradually return to a normal diet but I moderate my jaw activity to avoid a flareup.

Does David clench his teeth? That is a major symptom.

Is he followed by a Movement Disorder Specialist? I would surely discuss this with him/her.



Search Parkinsons tmj connection you wil learn a lot about this condition. There are specialist that treat Tmd and Tmj especially a doctor Jennings.

David sets with his mouth open and drools constantly. He has excess sliva but still feels he has dry mouth. He is also suffering with mental confussion.



>He doesn't have tremers. He has jerking movements

What medications is he taking?

Why do you think there is a connection between Parkinson's and TMJ?


Carba dopa, lova dopa and Comtan, these are the only actual parkinson meds he takes. three different levels of these meds. I've been researching the web under Parkinsons tmj connection with David and he feels that this is part of his problem.




search Parkinsons tmj connection you will find a web site the shows lots of information on this subject.



Saw the website and not buying this one bit. PD results from an inability to properly process alpha-synuclein and the resulting deposits (Lewy bodies) are found in the gut as well as the brain.

The jerking movements may be dyskinesias caused by the levodopa. What does his neurologist / movement disorder specialst have to say about this?

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park bare

Thank uou for your imput. His neurologist doesn't consider anything outside of the AMA recomendations. Did you watch any of the videos ? Dr. Jennings is only one of the Dentist working with this condition.

When Davids restless leg was so bad that he couldn't get any sleep and neither could I, as I was up every 20 mins rubbing his legs we did research and started him on 1000 mg of magnesium w/srt. he was already on 300 mg of gabapentin, 1 pill 3 times a day and 2 pills at bed time for months with no relief. The mag. gave almost instant relief. when we told the doctor all he said is contuine the gabapentin. why didn't he tell us that magnesium would help? We are not convienced that Tmj is an issue here, but we are willing to have him evaluated. He has a jaw issue and we will at least have it looked into before we have any more teeth pulled.

Don't get me wrong we like his Neurologist he has a lot of empathy, but does'nt think there could be anything else that might help.

To answer your question about dyskinesias I believe thats what his Dr. thinks. It's hard to give up all hope. I've been taking care of him for the past 7 years I've known him for 9 years he was dignosed 11 yrs ago. His condition is on fast forward and he is only 66.



is the neuro a Movement Disorder Specialist? My husband's condition improved greatly after switching to one. He adjusted the sinemet and added other meds that really helped.


The Pharmas heavily influence the MD curriculum and they are taught about drugs but not supplements. So your MD didn't mention it because he was unaware of it. Magnesium deficiency is commonplace. Glad you discovered it was helpful.


I have TMD but do not have PD. My husband had PD but did not have TMD.


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