Am I really the only one?

Hi everyone, I not sure if I asked this question before but I'll ask again!

I've had the DBS Surgery about 1 1/2 years ago and since then I've been on NO medication since then. I'm very curious to know if anyone else is like me and had the surgery and been taken off all meds?

I asked my movement disorder specialist plus I also asked the nurse. They both told me the same thing, that the surgery was a success and until I exhibited further progression of PD then there was no need for medication!!

I've had a few blips along the way but I've yet to believe that i am in need of anything yet!

I am curious to know if anyone else has had this experience with their DBS surgery, and if so what do you think about no medication???

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  • I am glad you are doing good . My doctor is trying to convince me to have it but most people still stay on some meds. I am also scared of surgery . How did your surgery go.


    MY SURGERY WAS 9 1/2 hours long and both sides were done, there was no complications and for about a year I was part of a study group that through animation they followed the progression of my PD for about one year. I don't know the outcome of the study but what do know is that my DBS was a great success and that when I turn my stimulator off I have progressed in the disease so much so that I shake so bad on both sides where pre surgery I only shook on one side. I find that it's okay not to take any meds just very odd as I've fyet to come across even one person anywhere that takes NO meds after the surgery!!

    I would highly recommend it!!


  • I had surgery a year ago and have been off medication since then.

  • Are you located in Ontario, where did you have it done and was it perchance done in London, Ontario? Do you know why your not on any meds, and how long ago was your surgery? However if you want it private and wish to discuss it you may Gmail me at


  • Your experience is wonderful for you. I would feel blessed if I could have similar success. I am going to have a 1st consult this July with a movement disorder specialist that has performed dbs. I would like to hear from the doctor that I could benefit the same as you have. Wish me luck?

  • Of course I wish you luck and I hope you meet with the same success, if not better! Keep me posted on all your improvements!!☺


  • How fantastic - I hope others have experienced this!

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