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Wearing my Mother's Genes

Well it's confirmed. I'm wearing my Mother's genes.My Mom had Parkinson's.

My genetic testing indicates I carry the LRRK2 gene which greatly increase a person's likelihood of developing the Parkinson's and the SCARB2 mutation/gene, associated with a known Parkinson's disease pathway involving protein degradation.Studies show that first-degree relatives of people with PD are twice as likely to develop PD than relatives of people without the disease.Researchers have identified two new genetic variants linked to Parkinson's disease and say they now know how big a role heredity plays in PD

About a dozen genetic associations with Parkinson's have been confirmed, and many more remain to be discovered, says researcher Nicholas Eriksson, PhD, of the California-based direct-to-consumer gene testing company 23andMe.Some genes have been firmly associated with Parkinsonism: (a) a-synuclein [SNCA or PARK1], (b) parkin [PRKN or PARK2], (c) DJ-1 [DJ1 or PARK7], (d) PTEN-induced putative kinase I [PINK1 or PARK6], and (e) leucine-rich repeat kinase 2 or dardarin [LRRK2 or PARK8]and now SCARB2.

In the journal "PLoS Genetics", they estimated that about 25% susceptibility to the disease is due to genetic factors.Genetic variants,identified to date explain only a small percentage of Parkinson's cases, but researcher Chuong B. Do, PhD points out that one identified mutation is associated with a 50% lifetime risk for developing the disease.Environmental factors also play a role.

So lucky me; I won the genetic lottery and I truly mean lucky me. Why do I feel lucky? The first step in solving any problem is understanding the root cause. Scientist can now look at me and say LRRK2 gene + SCARB2 mutation/gene + environment(Pesticide exposure) = PD for Jeanne. Now they can look at that formula and say " How do we counteract LRRK2 and SCARB2 ? How can we stop pesticides from aggravating these genes? What agents or chemical reverse effects? What can we do to immunize Jeanne's children?" Knowing why something happens is how we fix or prevent it.

Wearing my Mother's genes gives me hope because knowing the possible cause points to a possible cure. It is much more satisfying than the standard "We don't know why you have PD."

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Dundee University have been doing research on hereditary PD and have isolated a gene called PINK1 which they say is common in hereditary cases. Don't have any more information.

Wish I knew what caused mine.


Sometimes I wonder...


my 23AndMe DNA results said I had an 85.9% prob. of getting PD like my father before me.

THe fact jusT LIES THERE. at least it;s nobody's "fault".

I'll ponder your point of view. I want to find some comfort there.

I agree that the better the science, the sooner the cure.


Jerebet, are your children going to have their DNA tested to see if they may develope PD?


Yes Cowmom, I sent for kits for them and pray their Dad's DNA is dominant in them.


Yes. I did not know Mayo had a clinic in Florida.


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