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Have you seen this one?

The Australian company testing a stem-cell technology has cleared another hurdle.

The attached news report details the nearly innumerable steps to getting a treatment to market -- and the people who need it -- after noting, "the drug development process has become notoriously tortuous and costly."

You can say that again!

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Minor detail, but it's actually an American company (International Stem Cell Corporation [ISCO] based in Carlsbad, CA) making use of its Australian subsidiary, Cyto Therapeutics, to conduct the trial/s.

The controversial use of human embryonic stem cells is a big part of the "tortuous" path to FDA approval. ISCO's use of "human parthenogenetic stem cells" (hPSC) - unfertilized embryonic stem cells (vs the more typical/controversial fertilized version) - helps avoid only some of the ethical and regulatory issues usually associated with the use of embryonic stem cells.

While ISCO’s choice of Australia was clearly due to its less stringent regulatory process, Russell Kern, the company’s chief scientific officer, diplomatically credits it to the nation’s more “interactive” clinical trial system.

In any case, let's hope for a positive outcome for a change... we need a break :D

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I stand corrected!

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