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Coconut oil

Hello, everybody. I was doing some research about the coconut oil for my Dad. It says that it is better not to heat the oil, but some people take it with their hot coffee. Isn't it the same thing as heating the oil? How do you take your coconut oil and does it help with hand/leg tremors. As far as I understand, it helps some people, but not the other. Based on my research one should give it a try for about 3 months? 

Thank you in advance for all your replies.

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Coconut oil: 6 tbsps per day (or more; adjust to your experience) Recommended: 2 tbsps at each meal and 2 before bed.

Heat (warm) 1/3 coffee cup of coconut milk, the variety that contains 6g of sugar, place two tbsp. of coconut oil and after it melts in a moment, you have a tasty drink not unlike hot cocoa. For that matter, I sometimes add a chunk of unsweetened cocoa for flavor.

CO did not stop or reduce my tremor.


Warm is OK. So hot that it smokes will lead to hydrogenation. For me CO reduces stiffness and promotes mobility.


I have small squares of "healthy chocolate" that I eat 3/day & I dip them in coconut oil so I ended up taking about 3 Tbl. a day (morning, noon & night).  Sometimes in the morning I will spread it on a cinnamon graham cracker.  I believe it helps my overall mood, kind of calms me which helps the tremors a little because it reduces stress which is bad for Parkinson's.   Kind  of hard to explain but I know I feel better when I take it.  I use Nutiva.   I tried a different brand one time & it didn't seem to work as well.  It needs to be extra virgin & unrefined.


Google this web site - "Fuel for Thought" It's pricey but convenient.


you aren't to cook the oil....just allow it to melt a few seconds in the micro. you don't have just goes down easier. if you hold it in your mouth a few seconds, it will probably melt there as well.

roy: we used CO a number of years ago and it definitely gave Don more energy but you are did not stop the tremor. actually, the tremor along with all his other increase in energy, got worse, scared him and he stopped taking it. we are starting again this week and will see now that he is on Rytary which really controls the tremor for him, how it does.

i know you like crazy is one:

i have recently become penpals with a former neighbor whose wife has PD. she has to go in for a knee replacement and we got to talking about things PD. he said that the symptoms began after his wife broke her ankle five years ago and had titanium nuts and bolts put in. he was suspicious but no proof. now the same leg is all bent at the knee,hence the replacement (a horrible operation).

in the course of conversation, i told him of our experience with rTMS and he understood completely as he is interested in things electrical/scientific (a former pilot). as it happened, he and his wife mentored three inner-city kids and one evening, took them for a science experiment to the nearest electrical tower strip (you know the tall towers that connect to each other through the woods, etc- not cell towers). he came armed with florescent bulbs which the kids held before and after. before going into the field and after while walking under the grids. when under, the lights lit up. they were so amazed, they wanted his wife to do it as she had not. when she walked under holding the bulb, it did not light up. BUT, when any of them touched her, it did. he happened to mention that even if they touched her earlobe, the light lit. in light of the greek guy who puts permanent accupuncture needles in the ears of PDers, i thought this was interesting.

i was taken with this story as my husband has always been sensitive to electrical charge....he is a type A, adrenaline driven redhead and redheads apparently are already charged up. once, years ago, when on vacation, we were walking along a recently laid cement walk at the resort when he pushed me off into the bushes and jumped off himself. he said he felt an electrical charge in the walk. i thought that was silly since it was concrete. several men walking behind us and wanting to test out their testosterone as usual, tried it and one said that maybe he felt something but the others did not.

nevertheless, Don reported it to the manager who had it dug up the next day and found a live wire.

have you read Becker's 'The Body Electric'? very interesting book, pre-stemcell, and in the end, he comments on how tracking what they know about the electrical routes of the body coincide to a huge degree (90%+) with the known accupuncture meridians. becker was an orthopedic surgeon and they have special problems with surgery due to multiple bacteria, etc. he invented but did not patent the silver mesh bandage which both conducts and is an antibiotic. his student, now an orthopod in north Georgia, did patent it along with UGA.

btw, don responded well to the rTMS.

and what does all this have to do with the keto diet....probably a lot. we have a severely damaged grandchild due to meningitis who had every kind of seizure so became familiar with keto over 15 years ago. his mother, being an alcoholic who did nothing for him, ignored the evidence but that's how i got familiar with it. about that time, i asked don's doc...david perlmutter....about the possibility of using the keto diet and he was bemused but said he had never heard of using it for PD. his thing was hyperbaric and glutathione....both good to a point. now, i read about the use of the keto diet by PDers and alzheimers patients and think about that time. i also think that there are those who do not process carbs correctly and must rely on fats (essential in the keto diet) for energy. i think that is what the CO and MCT is doing. if you read up on polysaccharide myopathy in horses, you will see a VERY similar situation to PD. our neighbor who taught large animal anatomy at UGA and showed horses, used to tell me that Don looked like a horse who was 'tied up'....slang for PM in horses/camels, etc. it is hereditary and responds well to hyperbaric and dmso along with a low/no carb diet, high fat and limited but regular exercise. let me know after you read about it what you think.


You just want it to get to barely liquid stage so put it in a paper cup, pop it on the oven for a few seconds. It melts so easily you could just spoon it from the jar into your mouth and down the hatch. Don't ever refrigerate it and you can scoop it out and leave the dose in a warm place in your will probably get very soft and maybe melt. We never found it helped tremors.


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