Anyone experiencing hypoglycemia with Parkinson's !

In the last few months I've been having extreme gi tract problems.  I have had gastroparesis type issues and ibs issues. I've lost 20-25 lbs in the last month.  Now I'm experiencing  weakness lightheadedness dizziness high anxiety some palpitations upset worry etc for a good part of the mornings. It takes me til about 2 pm to start to come around. 

In all the research I've done I am unable to find any info on both hypoglycemia and Parkinson's.  Any takers?

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  • For years. Both before & since diagnosis!

  • Sorry it's definitely not nice and combined with the pd is a real treat. Thanks Judy.  

  • Not sure if it is the same thing but I have similar problems. I have assumed it is the effect of PD since experiencing the need "to go" is no guarantee of success. The circumstances must be just right - where I am in the meds cycle, my physical condition etc. Faeces are soft so that isn't the problem. So, I wind up with several abortive visits to the loo and a growing sluggishness before eventually achieving success.

    Mentioning this to my Consultant results in "mmmm" which isn't exactly helpful. As with much else in PD, each of us has to work out what is best for us. Sharing experiences is helpful but not an exact science.

    I am not sure if this is helpful but at least you know you aren't alone.

  • Oh there are way too many of us for sure with millions of different symptoms. I have all autonomic nervous system problems. No tremors. But yes sometimes it takes me 4 trips and wipes me out if my Meds haven't kicked in. Thanks for sharing.

  • i think very common and annoyingly, hardly any information on it unless you are diabetic. we were at Shands hospital getting evaluated for DBS (no) and they sent us to the endorinology dept to address my complaint about hypoglycemia. i can tell you if you are not diabetic,you will get short shrift....all they could say was to eat more.

    my husband looked and acted like he had it for years but never showed on the GTT. finally, i read online that to find the 'reactive hypoglycemia' form of the condition, the GTT had to be 5 hours as that doesn't show until the 4th or 5th hour. stunning. did it and normal for the first three hours. by the fourth, he didn't know where he was, he could hardly walk (had walked into the lab from the garage by himself) and his circulatory system had started to shut down, evidenced by his white fingernails and the inability of the tech to even draw blood. we use chromium to control and also many small meals. read the royprop letter above.....if you can't get your energy from carbs, you may have to get it from fats. that is my husband's case.

  • Thanks for the info. Feel good. Judy

  • I have had both low blood sugar and low blood pressure all my life, have had dizzy spells and light headedness always and even times that I have passed out. Was diagnoised with pd in 2003 and continue with the same issues.

  • I'm so sorry to hear that. It is not an easy life living like that. I thought the pd was enough. The other is almost worse. Take care and all we can do is try to stay positive. Doesn't seem there's much on the market right now. Judy. Thanks for sharing.

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