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Food issues

My husband always enjoyed food. These days he feels hungry at meal time but complains that he feels "full" soon after starting his meal. He also prefers soups. I am thinking that it's part of PD progression; the slowing of the digestive system. He also in a short time has deteriorated in a more general way. We are considering the duodopa pump.

Any feedback is welcome.

Thank you

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Please consider testing him for gastroparesis. My dad suffered undiagnosed waaaaay too long.. Good luck and god bless you.


Thank you Lucy Mae

I was not familiar with the term"Gastroparesis " but having read it I am very familiar with the symptoms.  The sites have good suggestions for dealing with it as well.

I am grateful. 


PD dries out the GI tract from one end to the other. This means dry mouth at one end and constipation at the other.  I am starting to get the same as your husband - hungry at meal time but feeling "full" soon after starting the meal.  Makes sense that soup would be better.  I should have soup more often too.

For the dry mouth I was taking pilocarpine, just switched to cevimeline which I think is better.  For the constipation using over the counter stool softener which seems to work.


Thank you for your reply. 

Eating is much easier on "ON" time.

I am not familiar with the medication for dry mouth.

Thank you for that information. 


A test for gastroparesis can be performed. my brother was diagnosed with this and now is taking medication to help with the emptying of his stomach more normally.  he and my Dad both lost a lot of weight before this was properly addressed. I dont think many doctors recognize these symptoms.  if in fact appetite is suppressed because of fullness or bloating this is certainly something which should be tested and treated. God luck


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