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Parkinson's Families Project

in the UK. The aim of the study is to identify new genes that predispose or cause Parkinson's Disease or Parkinsonism. There is a pressing need to study the genetic makeup of family members both with and without Parkinson's. As families share a common genetic background, it is easier to find new Parkinson's genes by studying the genetic makeup of people with Parkinson's alongside other members of their families. We are particularly interested in studying the genetic makeup of two groups of people:

1. those who developed Parkinson's before the age of 45; and

2. those who have a family history of other relatives affected by Parkinson's.

By identifying genetic factors that cause Parkinson's, we hope to understand more about the condition. Doing so will lead to the development of better diagnosis, improved disease models, and we hope in time, to the development of better treatment.

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Is it currently available in USA ?




My father, was the eldest in his family of 15 - 10 sons; 5 daughters! He was diagnosed with Parkinson's approx. 1990. He also had diabetes#2 & cardiac issues. He died of sudden heart-attack in 1992. I can clearly remember the day he quit gardening because he couldn't turn the tap on; and the day he quit Lawn Bowls because of "Parkinson Flips".  Only one brother & one sister are still alive. Neither of them can think of any of their kin that have Parkinson's!

I was a long distance runner; Tri-athlete; daily body- surfer (nickname "shark-bait")! I had an op. on badly broken L. wrist, to remove titanium plate - March 2013! Within a week, I had an allergic rash from ear to nipples; within 2 mths - 3 sets of tremors; within 4 months diagnosed with Atrial Fibrillation; Parkinson's; and Essential Benign Tremor.


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