Boston Marathon

On Monday, April 18, Michael Westphal successfully finished the Boston Marathon with a time of three hours and 38 minutes. And as demonstrated in the documentary “Outrunning Parkinson’s,” Michael has accomplished his larger goal — motivating others every step of the way.

Ten years ago [when I was diagnosed with Parkinson’s], I wasn’t sure how happy I would be, but this year has turned out to be one of the most fulfilling of my life. Raising funds for a purpose enriches your life. And I’m going to continue supporting Team Fox, because I believe that by working together, we can and we will succeed in finding a cure.

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  • YAY for both of you!

  • I was th;inking of applying to the DC marathon.  Do you think it is a realistic or even desirable goal? I racewalk and have finished the NYC marathon of 1999 in 4 hours and 20 minutes racewalking but the training is gruelling and can be stressful.  I also don't know how to raise money or organize a team to support me.

  • If this is  a goal you would like to do then do it. But if you look at it as a chore you may find it will sent you back.  Set goals that you feel you can complete and that make you feel good. 

    " Do you think it is a realistic or even desirable goal" sounds like you may not want to do it. 

    Bottom line do what ever makes you feel good.

  • Good advice.  My greatest hesitancy is the gruelling training period and being so tired.  The attraction is the knowledge and feelings of empowerment that comes afterwards.  When I completed the last marathon the empowering feelings lasted for a long time but I told myself, check that off the list; been there done that feeling. The problem with the NYC marathon is the hours of waiting; getting to Staten Island and crowds.  I assume the Marine Corps Marathon in DC would be easier but less exciting.

    Anyhow, Bailey, thanks for encouragement.

  • Sorry but I just don't believe we were made to run 26 miles.  Not me anyhow!  Did a half marathon once and this was enough to confirm my suspicions.

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