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Parkinson's First Hero: King David

Parkinson's First Hero:  King David

The response   to Parkinson's First Hero has been quite gratifying. My goal is not financial and I reduced the price to the lowest that Kindle will allow and that is $.99. I also got permission for her/him (gender neutral) to be free on the last day of Parkinson's awareness month which is April 30, this Saturday.   Hopefully, you will see more of this at the World Parkinson's Congress in September.

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Holy KRAP... even King David is 'gender neutral' now?!? Let me grab my barf bag...


 Appreciate your careful read. My grammatical intention was to have him or her refer to the book (shoulda been "it") and not to the King.   Since we are in editing mood, KRAP is misspelled as crap is named after sir Thomas crapper.  Ain't we having fun.".


Right... as if referring to a book as "him/her" and "gender neutral" is somehow better. Your zeal to exhibit your PC credentials takes the gender-neutral lunacy to an absurd extreme (the diversion from the usual spelling of 'krap' was intentional in order to ease its standard connotations past the clearly hyper-fragile sensitivities of the poster).


Trnselyev, I'm  on your side; about time people became sensitive to their speech.  Words define us.  I want to know even women can be  part of history.

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Really? It's a bit odd that only by a new, gender neutral vocabulary that you're finally able to "know" women can be a part of history. Perhaps, you should sneak out from under your rock, look at the world around you, and maybe even dare to leaf through a book from time to time...


All the above aside and back to the book in question...I do recommend it. It is thought provoking and uplifting. For me it was $2.99 very well invested. 


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