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Michael J Fox

The previous post about his condition  comes from "radaronline" back in February. A lot of people have been suspicious about the tone of the writing, thinking it might be exaggerated. Snopes wrote a response 2 weeks ago, but gave no further details about the extent to which it might be fiction.

At least he was out and about 2 weeks ago, able to give a smile and take a pose, while leaning against a table:

The above includes a video of him from a year ago, and I would not assume his condition is much worse than that.

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I agree, zawy.  Just tabloid sensationalizing.

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I am a veteran journalist with many awards to my credit, and I found the so-called "news story" gallingly unprofessional. Using unnamed sources is frowned upon by credible publications, and done only when the source faces real dangers if identified (death, imprisonment, deportation, job loss). That is hardly the case here. As for the website itself, lord! I don't know if there are words colorful enough. Purple prose meets yellow journalism?


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