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Why You Need Balls to Beat Parkinson's Disease

Why You Need Balls to Beat Parkinson's Disease


A very simple, but extremely effective therapy for my Parkinson's Disease. It is early days, but what I can say is this technique is the most impactful intervention I have developed so far at least for myself. By a very long way. I am controlling my symptoms by repeated application of this strategy: as soon as I start stiffening up I do these exercises until my movement becomes free again. Variety is the spice of life.. ball size, weight, colour and texture can all provoke different responses.

While it really is as simple as bouncing a ball, what I believe I am fine tuning here are the details which optimize the effectiveness. For myself, all the indications are that this an enormous, game-changing breakthrough.

I hope that others will find ways to use simple bouncing balls techniques to get as much relief as I have. I've listed in the link below different types balls which I've tried and found very beneficial. I am using these for various movement recovery exercises. I will include these in our "Recipe for Recovery" section too.

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I lift 25 lb weights to get relief any movement will get some relief. 

Glade to see this works for you keep it up.

Use it or lose it.


How long does relief last for after ball playing ceases?


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