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A 45 minute Neurologist follow up visit

Yesterday I was seen by my current Neuro, the 4th visit in less than a year. He spent 45 minutes and answered all the questions that my wife and I offered. He recognized that we live in a remote area and provided his email address to enhance our ability to communicate. I feel so fortunate.

He also seemed content with my request to take the least meds that are effective instead of pushing pills. However, the most significant statement that he made was that the non-motor symptoms are frequently the most debilitating aspects of PD. Reassuring to know I'm not fantasizing or going crazy.

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What a blessing!


The non-motor symptoms of PD can be very debilitating. Here is a link to a webcast re: non-motor......... events.digitalmedia.telus.c...


it's ironic, i know, but for me the PD diagnosis was a you said, it;s reassuring soemhow to know that there is a real reason, a chemical reason, for our odd symptoms. Plus my incapacitating depression went away when I began treatment.

BTW I too saw my neuro yesterday for 45 min. I wrote him a long email a week before to present my current state and list my questions. He answered my mail and claimed to have read my blog entries.

For no good reason I cried on the street as I walked home from the bus stop.


HI I was wondering where you live ? also who is paying . It sound like you were.

if you aren't paying who is . Was any one weighting to go in. Did you have to weight or did you walk right in.

when ever i go he is running 45 late the room is full.

yours EXPORT


The doc is in Tucson. My potion is $50... He was 10 minutes behind.



I fine it hard to believe , not you . the doctor.

yours EXPORT.


You are so blessed to find such a wonderful doctor. I'm still looking for one.


You have certainly found a gem...............a doctor who actually cares and will take time with his/her pts. to answer questions, offer support.......validates you as a person not just a disease. Find a way to tell this person what an asset they are to their profession......something not always heard!!! God bless and have a wonderful day.


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