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Gyroscope Fights Hand Tremor

Found this in current Poplar Science Magazine..  Worn on the hand like a glove, thius device stabilizes tremoors with a spinning gyroscope, which maintains an upright position even when pushed, thus resisting , reducing the tremor motion. 

Google "Gyroglove" and read the Hope for Parkinson's Patient's article from MIT..

Fortunately, don't have significant hand tremor at this pont.  though might be of interest to those that do?


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BillDavid  I just checked out this GyroHand. Looks like a great invention. They don't have it on Amazon yet.

Peace,, Eva Gabrielle



My inffornation about the GyroGlove is limited. Will scan the magazine artcle I found and send later.


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I am very interested in gyro info.  Thanks!


The gyro glove sounds wonderful to me.  I don't have tremors right now but it sounds like it would help us be independent.  I would put it on when I got up and hopefully be able to do anything I wanted without help.  I wonder if success with the glove would lead to a similar product for the knees or waist or even a headband for the head.


Four hundred to six hundred pounds. Do you think we'll be able to get one on the NHS!


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