Hi folks.  I feel a bit 'weird' lately.  I keep feeling very light headed and a bit spacey.   When I Google this in relation to Parkinsons it either references this sensation linked to a) meds (which I haven't started yet) or b) Multiple System Atrophy (which I don't think I have as my blood pressure is normal and I have no issues with sexual/urinary functions).

Some friends have suggested stress but this symptom isn't fleeting and is beginning to happen a lot of the time.  I've had no falls but do feel myself lurch around to one side at times.  Bizarrely,  I can stand on either foot for 30 seconds without much difficulty.

I have been on the keto diet for about 2/3 months reasonably consistently and had a pretty high cholesterol reading according to my GP last week.  Am wondering if any who've tried keto/c.o oil have had any light headedness and dizziness.

I've been PD symptomatic 8 months and DX one month ago.

Thanks for anyone's input.  Much appreciated.

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  • I wonder why you are on the keto diet? Do you really need to get thin quickly? 

    Also I have read that low cholesterol has been linked to Parkinson's. It may be wise to check this with your Neurologist (rather than regular GP).

  • The dizziness could well be due to loss of minerals due to the keto diet.

  • Wow.  PD AND keto kickback symptoms.  Think I might give it a rest for a bit! Thanks for replying.

  • It sounds like postural hypotension which is quite common in PD.  ( Google for more info).

  • My husband was light headed and felt slightly faint at times. It turned out he was dehydrated. He has had very little trouble since drinking a lot of water each day.

  • My husband had the same symptoms and he was dehydrated.  He actually had blood pressure drops and fell.  We adjusted one med to every other day and I encouraged him to drink more water.  He's fine now.   I sure would bag that diet, however.   It can't be helping.

  • Thanks very much.

  • Maybe you should eat some salty foods, like potato chips which are good, if you don't normally and also drink a lot more water as someone else suggested. 

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