Goodbye Parkinson's Hello Life!

I just finished listening to an interview between the Seattle Times Foundation and Alex Kerten, from Israel, and came away very excited and energized.  Here is one link, of many, about his process.   

You can Google Goodbye Parkinson's Hello Life and find more.

My question is, is anyone familiar with his form of exercise? 

I bought his book so I can start following his program.

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  • Nothing new here.

    I see the message as keep moving and have a positive attitude.

    Listening to music has been discussed here and helps me get through down times.

    This forum is a better place to get help than this video. The people here have nothing to gain and i believe give the same advice seen on this video.

    I would like to see what this people could do before the treatment. 

    They look (to be kind)  to me not so good. 

     i was like them 5  years ago. Stiff, thousand yard stare, low voice, unsteady, slow movement, 

    Today you can not tell i have PD.  i worked out with a PD. nurse and she could not tell i had PD. I did all on my own with Crossfit and RX meds. 

    You can do better than this on your on. 

    You don't need to buy this book just take up exercise that you like and  stay positive.


  • Great to see thank you. It's always interesting the way that the mind can be encouraged to overcome the body when it comes to an exercise that you enjoy. Be it fast walking, group exercises, dance or whatever. Individual encouragement surely is a good thing for us all, and no one can say there is only one size fits all. 

  • I also bought the book recently.  After reading it I'm not sure if I could go along with this form of exercise on my own.  Do you know if there are any groups in the uk practising this form of therapy or similar?

  • Hi Can you tell me what is the name of the book please.

  • The book is called Goodbye Parkinsons, Hello Life

  • Thanks

  • I am in the US so am not familiar with any UK groups. 

  • Good for you! It is wonderful that you found an exercise program that excited you and that you feel motivated to try! I have not tried his specific program but I do incorporate Tai Chi, weights, fast walking, and music into my exercise routine. It all helps me to move and feel better. Let us know how this works for you. 

  • Bought the  book and use the program.  My sense of balance has improved.  I enjoy his method.  I would recommend that you try it.

    Each morning I use mindfulness mediation for 30 minutes and then 15-30 minutes of Kerstens program.

  • Could you tell me what Kerstens programme is please?  Do you go by the book's instructions when you follow the programme for goodbye Parkinsons, hello life?

  • You may want to check out his website

  • The book is called Goodbye Parkinsons, Hello Life

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