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Hello my friends.  Last night I spent a considerable amount of time writing my profile...complete with pictures.  However, when I got it finished, the writing was gone and I was unable to save all of my work.  Since it happened more than once I am frustrated and need some help.  Now that you all know about my lack of knowledge in the technical area can anyone tell me what I am doing wrong?   Thank you.  Peaches

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  • I think you are taking too long and the system is kicking you out. Try making a few changes and then saving and if you have a lot of typing do it somewhere else and then change your profile with a  quick copy/paste and then save.

  • Sure....easy for you to say. LOL.  Thanks for the info.  I will keep trying and let you know how it goes. :)

  • Just write and send! 

    I'm still using the smiley face provided. It happens to be blue, although I am not!

  • Great! You've done it. I see you!

  • Really?????  Thanks so much Stevie3!

  • Well - I do when I go to your profile. But it's not coming up on your posts....

  • Pretty lady! And Peaches, if you want to change your little round thumbnail photo, go to your profile, click on "edit profile" (on the right side of your big photo). Over your thumbnail photo, it will say "upload," and you can move in a different photo (if you wish). 

    BTW I'm from Michigan too -- Detroit, then Livonia, then Ypsilanti, then off to Rhode Island.

  • Thanks everyone.  I will try again until I get it just right> :)

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