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Feet Issues?

Hello my fellow PD friends,

I'm early onset PD and no one would actually notice that I have a problem yet- which is great. 

However, I've had peripheral neuropathy symptoms for a few years, including cold, sweating, tingling feet. The big issue for me, and one of the most debilitating is the smell from my feet. It invades any and all environments very quickly and is so embarrassing- it's affecting so many aspects of my private and work life.

I've tried sock/shoes changes several times a day, cleaning feet, talcum powder etc. etc. but nothing has worked. 

Is this the PD or just me? It only came on in the last few years with PD symptoms so I assume it's all connected. If you do have it, has anything helped to reduce the problem?



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Something you eat/drink? Supplements you take, or maybe should be taking? I have no experience with this, but what comes to mind is that what goes in, comes out -- in one form or another. It isn't necessarily connected to the PD...

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Like you I developed  really smelly feet a couple of years before I was diagnosed with PD . It was so bad my partner used to say to me " never put your feet in the sea cos you will kill all the poor fish "... Since diagnosis  and started meds I have found that they now smell of roses......... well almost!!.

I had not ever thought to link it with PD but maybe it has got something to do with it.  My feet still sweat and they only like to be in light shoes, no socks bit hard in winter but I just make sure that I change into my flip flops as soon as I can, and been paddling with no fish deaths..... hopefully if it is linked to PD maybe it will settle down in time, I also found a foot deodoriser spray was quite good.  Wish you all the best .

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Hey TwoTutts42 - what other pre-diagnosis symptoms did you have? How long before dx did you experience body changes and how long has it been since dx?




Hard to say really, I never thought about my feet till you mentioned it. I suppose finding it hard to turn over in bed, when I used to get upset I would Shake, sweating, and I could never sit still long and poor sleep.  Was dx in 2010 like a lot of things don't really think about things until someone  else mentions it . Also used to get,a lot of leg cramps.


Thanks for that. 

And how have you progressed since the dx? Has there been much deterioration? You're not tremor dominant anyway. 


Hi yes I have  tremor which at the moment is being a bit hard to get under controll. I have been very lucky in the last 5 and half years,  nobody really knew, except of course if I got upset or worried etc then my arm would Shake quite a lot. Now finding that sometimes my hands move a lot slower and things like brushing my teeth are a pain, hence have now electric . Have had a set back since I had my wisdom tooth out under anesthetic seems to have made symptoms worse, are trying to get meds right. Still work full time Although off at mo.  I keep active and exercise which helps have also started to take LDN which I think is helping in the fact that my energy levels are getting higher and higher. Everyone is different, what other symptoms do you have   

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Some symptoms I have are transient. I'll have them for a few months, then they'll improve and something else will affect me for a while. 

I've been to see neurologists since 2005 with various odd presentations, always been told I'm 'fine'. 

So, in chronological order:

1990s: Anxiety/depression: I've had this since I was about 18 (39 now).

1990s: Fatigue: I get tired very quickly in the day and this affects all the above, plus my ability to articulate. 

1990s: Bladder issues - pee 3 times before bed, dribbling (this may not be related)

2011: Peripheral neuropathy (hot/cold/fuzzy) feet

2011: Diplopia (double vision of text, subtitles)

2011: Sleep: I rarely sleep longer than 4 hours now. But I can go back to sleep after I've woken, sometimes. 

2012: Smelly sweating of the feet - it can 'invade' a very large space in a limited time frame. It's like I'm an X man and this is my 'power'. 

2012: Spasms of muscles - all over body, every day, mild. Fingers are particularly active but stop when I move them. 

2013: Left arm- clinical weakness, mild dystonia, noticeable weakness compared to right

2013: Tremor (hands mostly, bilateral though started on the left)- I take propanolol, this helps. 

2014: Weak left leg that limps when tired

2014: Inner tremor all over- usually at night

Stiff joints- I feel like the tin man who needs to be oiled.

2015: Stiff neck - limited range of movement (this isn't constant)

2015: Smell: It's not gone, but it's reduced by 40-50%. It's mostly pungent smells that I can't smell, sweet smells I can pick up quite easily (only started Dec 2015).

2016: Balance problems ( this comes and goes)


MRI- Clear

Nerve Conduction Studies- Clear

Myasthenia Gravis Test- Clear

Lumbar Puncture - Clear

Wilson's Disease/Lyme's Disease- Clear


Bet you're sorry you asked :) :) 


Ha ha all I can say is Wow!!  Where abouts do you live? You have had quite a long time. They think that maybe mine was bought on by the shock of loosing my son who at age 17 was killed by a lorry. I do get hot a lot and like you sometimes have trouble sleeping or at least when I supposed to. Have you looked at LDN?  

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What is LDN?

I'm in Ireland. 

That's awful about your son, I can't even imagine how impossible that must have been. I'm about to be a dad for the first time, so my timing is clearly spectacular. 

I think my first symptom was when I was 18 and my water works started behaving differently. But no doctor in the world would agree I'm sure. 


Have you gone to see a Podiatrist. I believe that they can give you a shot of Botox in your feet that will stop the excess swelling. Ask your Primary physician for a referral. Doesn't hurt to ask.

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Yes, I have. There's nothing wrong with my feet (but that they're really dry). The main approach is to treat the cause- but I'm not on PD meds yet. 


My wife noticed that I had smelly feet just before diagnosis with PD. Following diagnosis they have gradually become more red, especially near the ankles. Cuts and scrapes take a long time to heal. I have twice been diagnosed with cellulitus. I think I have a fungal infection. I don't know whether the PD caused the foot symptoms or whether the fungal infection caused the PD.


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