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Dr Who?

Dr Who?

 My husband is a huge Doctor Who fan I'm not saying I'm not a fan but as I don't watch TV  anymore I'm not really into it . However back in the day when I did goggle box I became a massive Star Trek fan. The sort that even when in Vegas  went to the Star Trek exhibition and drank a rather unusual cocktail squealing with excitement as a Klingon breathed over my shoulder. 

 So I'm banging on about warp engines and bigging up Galaxy class star ships when boom he knocks me down with the Tardis, the transport of choice for the Doctor. See image, I'm mince! 

The thing about the Tardis is it's the size of a telephone box on the outside but inside its HUGE. 

As my world naturally shrinks not in a maudlin or sad way, simply due to physical constraints I find I'm just filtering out noise and being selective. This tiny new world is far bigger than the old one. I see more detail, I give things more thought, I delve beneath the surface and dig up discovery.  

The only thing I haven't mastered is time travel!

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I love that. It's a wonderful analogy. And so true. The bigness of the small world, we always have it with us. Thank you.


Yes the altered perception is strange. 

Remember being scared of Darleks - until we realised they couldn't climb the stairs!


Be afraid again. The newer models of Dalek can fly.


Aghhhh, just when you thought it was safe ...


Or be like Clara...

Clara: [Clara enters the TARDIS, for the first time] It's smaller on the outside. 

The Doctor: OK That is a first.

Sorry I'm more fluent in Geek than I am in Profound 


Star Trek TNG "All Good Things..."

Jean-Luc is shown in the future as suffering from "Irumodic Syndrome " a degenerative neurological disorder. With Q's help he switches between three time periods and save the human race...

If he can do that I'm sure I can put these socks on!

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Not up to date with Treking. There's a pretty smart Q in Bond too!


Good one!


I like your last paragraph.  I think I am more aware too though I've read that many PD people are pretty creative people as well.  We can see the beauty in things and maybe see the humor in things which should be a help as our world shrinks.


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