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An Artist's Journey Into Parkinson's - Documentary Interview

I recently finished my documentary about Parkinson's Disease and will be interviewed by Robert Rogers, PHD on April 18 at 3PM Eastern Standard Time.  I will be talking about specific minerals, vitamins, amino acids and herbs which are good for Parkinson's disease.  The link is here: blogtalkradio.com/parkinson...

So if you want to hear about alternative therapies please tune in.  

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I had a bad experience with an interview with Robert for his show.  Contact  me if you wish.


Sure I would like to hear about your experience on the show.  What went wrong?  Thanks....Rich


Please send your private email. I don't want to tear down a well meaning person. You can contact me at Nan.little@comcast.net


Thanks Nan, I just sent you an email.  



WOW that was a great interview... thanks so much Richard...


Rich thank you for sharing so much with us. I’m currently diagnosed with Parkinson’s 11/2017. I’m currently trying to get together an herbal plan with some vits. Plus mucuna but I got the 98% mp extract with some green tea but wow it struck my stomach hard, (that is on an empty stomach) any advice?


Everyone reacts differently to supplements/drugs and experimentation is required. The only way to find out which component is upsetting your stomach is to change the concentration/size of the supplements you are taking. Try 1/2 a dose of EGCG with the standard dose of levodopa. If you react better it is the EGCG. Perhaps you could also try 50% levodopa from mucuna pruriens. I vary my levodopa precursor supplements and like 50% levodopa 50% mucuna pruriens (MP) because it has the alkaloids etc... from MP. You could also try to take some ginger drink with the levodopa/egcg because ginger does calm the stomach.

Neuroprotective evaluation of extract of ginger (Zingiber officinale) root in MPTP-induced toxicity in different brain areas male mouse C57/BL/6 models


The other dietary supplement that is good to combine with levodopa is quercetin and I think it has advantages over EGCG. One of the interesting studies I read has a striking title:

Quercetin, not caffeine, is a major neuroprotective component in coffee.


Quercetin aids in the absroption of EGCG and prevents EGCG methylation. Perhaps you could try quercetin with levodopa alone and then try it with EGCG (and levodopa).

There is some evidence that quercetin can treat tremor:

Antagonism of quercetin against tremor induced by unilateral striatal lesion of 6-OHDA in rats



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Thank you


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