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mr parkyman

The church door was closed the floor was freezing cold but the footsteps came from under my mind was full of wonder as I waited, slowly did I ponder what depth the steps had come but also what they have become for as I wandered slowly down not knowing the reason why I frown the footsteps stood there crisp neat and as I put my cold tiny feet in the footsteps deep crisp and wide for they were a healthy stride suddenly I felt the warmth the glow with my heart afire I now know that god does not in a church flow along side me is where he walks and in my conscience he doth talks in my head my lord doth abide he rests within my heart my pride it gives me mere mortal a tying band in which I stand hand in hand my belief is of a rock that moves my salvation is for me to chose of a belief I will never lose. Christ is my rock, not a rock.???

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Thank you Parkyman. He walks with me as well.  Each has to find his own way, and what I like about our faith is that we are free to chose.


Mr. Parkyman,  Thank you for your thoughts.  My husband has Parkinson and I've just had surgery for cancer of the uterine lining.  Your post came at just the right time.  Will it be o.k. if I share it with my friends.   Thanks  PAT

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yes it will be fine best wishes mr parkyman


Thank you, may the Lord Jesus continue to richly bless you as you continue your journey with Him.


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