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New Hope.. Company extract

This is an extract taken from the companies website for those of you having trouble with the link, there is more available on the LCT website..... roll on 2017:)))

LCT starts Phase IIb clinical trial of NTCELL for Parkinson’s disease

24 March 2016 – Sydney, Australia & Auckland, New Zealand – Living Cell Technologies has

received approval from the Auckland Hospital Research Review Committee for the Phase IIb clinical

trial of NTCELL® for Parkinson’s disease. The New Zealand Minister of Health authorised the

application to conduct the trial on 12 November 2015, and the Northern A Health and Disability Ethics

Committee gave its approval on 3 February 2016. The initiation meeting with all those involved in the

clinical trial has been held and patient recruitment is under way.

The Phase IIb trial follows the successful Phase I/IIa trial, which met the primary endpoint of safety

and showed clinically and statistically significant efficacy data in patients with Parkinson’s disease one

year after NTCELL treatment.

The Phase IIb trial aims to confirm the most effective dose of NTCELL, define any placebo component

of the response and further identify the initial target Parkinson’s disease patient sub group.

If the trial is successful the company will apply for provisional consent to treat paying patients in New

Zealand and launch NTCELL as the first disease modifying treatment for Parkinson’s disease, in 2017.

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How long before we get to try it out in Australia ? Any known side effects ? Thank you for the hope that's always good


Wow. I wonder if "foreigners" (people from U.S. like me) would be eligible? Thanks for sharing such upbeat news, Julie!


Beckey I'm sure this would be available worldwide if all goes well with the trial.  It might take a couple of  years to roll out, but it's pretty significant so I would think they will get it out there.  Now cost of this treatment will be interesting.  My hubby was diagnosed last year and is seeing the neuro who heads the trials in June.  Will see what info we can gather and I shall keep you posted:)


Hi Julie

please keep me posted as I am an Australian living in USA

planning to move back to Australia


Wow, thanks, Julie. This news is instilling more hope by the minute.

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The post left me completely in the dark as to what NTCELL is, or why one should be interested in it.  I guess the poster assumed we already know all about it.  I, for one, had never heard of it.  So here is some concise info on the nature of the treatment and the progress of trials:

Here is a 5-minute video from Youtube:                                          


Ethically-minded vegetarians and vegans should note that the cells used are obtained by sacrificing 1-week old piglets.


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