Dystonia in Abdominal Muscles

About two weeks ago, I was jumping rope at boxing class and was hit with a severe muscle contraction across my entire abdomen. Although the intensity has varied since then, the muscle spasms and associated pain have been with me since. I have self-diagnosed this as truncal dystonia, a secondary symptom to my Parkinson's. I've had dystonia before in my leg and neck, but the contractions have always resolved the same day. Not this one. I was Dx with PD ten years ago. Has anyone experienced something like this before, and did you find something that helped you? Thank you.

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  • YES! During tai chi, or even when i just sneeze. An ab muscle tightens up so intensely and i have to stop everything and be still until it passes. which takes a few minutes. Then i am left for the next few days feeling as if i pulled that muscle. I equate the episode to a calf cramp that happens during  the night. I take a slew of vitamins which seem to help. I was dx'd 6 months ago.

  • Thank you for your thoughtful reply. I started some stretching exercises today. Seems to help temporarily. Worst time is when I wake up in the am. Tylenol may help marginally. What you said about being left with a sore muscle...I can relate to that. 

  • I will take a different approach.  That is fairly common among athletes and the treatment is to give it a bit of time to heal or further damage will result . If you were under the care of an athletic trainer which I would have thought you would be , he would probably wrap the area tightly but if there is  a large tare the muscles around it could get involved and spasms result . A back brace belt with Velcro and elastic will probably  stop spasms and prevent damage and reduce the Pain. A muscle relaxant might help. BUT FIRST go see a doctor.  Warm-up stretching and support (tape ) might have avoided this (where is the trainer)

    I think LAg LAg also does the PD boxing, maybe she will add something here

  • Thanks, GymBag!  I will be patient. I have a brace like you describe and will use it more often. Did some more stretching exercises through the day. Felt better. 

  • It just could be muscle spasms. Years before i was DX it would happen in my upper back. I hit me so hard one day i passed out and woke up on the floor and all i did was reach up to comb my hair. It stopped a fast as it came and never happened again.

  • It is a type of muscle spasm...that won't quit. When it first hit me, it brought me to my knees. Lost my breath. Hadn't felt like that since I was belly-punched as a kid. Thank you for your your reply. I'm amazed how generous people are in sharing their knowledge and experiences to help others. 

  • Belly punched, exactly. I am not on any meds, so its not the meds, I think its from my pd. I am an athlete; It never happened before pd started creeping in, a year or so ago.

  • Dies it come and go every few minutes or even faster. That's is what my did in my upper back the first time it happen. Ended up in the er screaming ever time it would spasm. Lasted for 3 hours.  shot me up with morphine and sent me home. I was 35 at that time. Got up the next morning went to work putting a roof on a house.   had spasms in the same place for  2 or 3 years. Last time it happen is the time i wrote about in my last reply.

  • I have been doing non-contact boxing for 9 yrs & have not heard of an injury like that.  Once in awhile there is a sore back or rotator cuff, but that is few & far between.   We usually have full time trainers & part time volunteers that have been trained for every 6-9 "boxers" which keeps injuries to a minimum.  Keep us informed on how you're doing,  Kennedje.

  • I would suggest using magnesium citrate and being sure you take electrolytes before exercising.  We use Purecaps powder.  Google Rocktape or any other kinesiology tape to learn how to use it....hugely helpful.  It is NOT your ordinary athletic tape and if used properly, is wonderful.  We use Rocktape because they have a waterproof version and we go into the pool almost every day.

  • Thanks, Donzim, for taking the time to reply. All sounds like good advice. I'll check into the Rocktape. Have a good day!

  • Have you checked for hernias?

  • Thank you for your reply. Yes. Pretty sure that it's not a hernia.  

  • Have you checked for a hernia lately 

  • I've had that for years went to three specialists , they found two hernias but not where i get the large knot in my upper abdomen it comes and goes at will but always lays me flat out on the ground . I have never found the cause so I associate it with PD and live with it. Life is GOOD ,PD sucks :( , never give up and keep on movin and a shakin!


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