Some Relief for Hands & Legs Tremor

My hand tremor has considerably reduced !! posted for the benefits of fellow suffers. If it does not suit some one, please ignore it.

Try drinking Lemon Grass Tea with Honey , one may also take Prime Rose Oil Gel Caps 300mg x 2 times daily.

For Hands & Legs Tremor

Adho Mukha Svanasana :downward-facing dog Pose ; please see link

PS : Put pressure on both hands and legs ; do it only in empty stomach; best time early morning or in the evening after 4 hrs of Lunch, 10 counts x 5 times to 10 times slowly increase every day by 2-3 counts . Take deep breath slowly deep inhale & exhale .

To take rest in-between, one can go relaxing pose , Rabbit pose or Better :

For only Hands Tremor

Bhujangasana : Cobra Pose : Please see link :

PS : Same as above

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  • Do you have aysemetrical tremor in arm and leg?

  • I get tremor in my left hand under stress or during weaning-off medication. I get tremor in my left leg only some times when I'm under stress. Now it has considerably reduced.

  • Do you have any other symptoms? I have the same but a bit more leg tremor, not choosing to do meds yet. Trying to do Qigong and yoga I'm a bit unco! But will keep practicing :)

  • Good , please don't take medication until you feel ,it is necessary.

    I have PD since 2009 , I never took medication until 2013. I'm only on Ayurvaidic , Kapikachhu Indian MP , Ashwagandha tabs, Shuddha Guggul and Bhruhath Triphala for constipation from Vaidhyaratnam Kerala India. I'm maintaining with these medication plus exercise, walking, yoga and cycling. Even today, by the grace of God, I drive car , scooter and bicycle on public roads with mad traffic

    During off period I have rigidity , slowness and muscle pain, but I can manage without any help

  • You are very inspirational , and yes glass half full we can still count our blessings thank you

  • Be careful with the cobra pose.  Many older people have lower back problems due to an undiagnosed case of Spondylolysis.    Bending back like this could be a very bad idea in those cases.

  • You are absolutely right, it can cause damage to people , who has lower back problem. That is why I have  clearly put it, only  for those for whom it suits, rest can ignore my posting.

    Thanks  for pointing out limitations

  • Both poses are part of my daily yoga routine. Still shaking however (right hand/arm only).

  • Please try staying in same pose for longer time, say 10 counts x 10 times, increase the counts by 2 go upto 20 counts, not more. Please don't over do,   please don't do more than your body can withstand.

    Please drink more lemon grass tea with honey and evening prime rose oil  300mg  capsules x 2 times daily, this may also help you.

    GOD bless you and your family



  • I have found straining muscles aids my shakes did not realise there could be something in it will try to progress and set myself a system ta

  • I have found the most effective way of diminishing or

    stopping tremors  is beer.  Anyone else have that effect?

  • LOL LOL LOL best cure of all!

  • I was told that if the tremor stops with significant amount of alcahol its more likely you have benign essential tremor rather than parkinsons,with enthusiasm i put it to the test,my tremor was still present although i was less aware of it,or anything else!!!

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