Following a Vegan lifestyle (food wise)

Following a Vegan lifestyle (food wise)

When first diagnosed with PD (abt. 13 yrs) and, no family history, I read almost everything I could get my hands on about it. Since much of the material read said it possibly was caused during my generation's (I am 67) use of pesticides by our country.....which resulted in slowly filtering in our meats, dairy and processed foods. I decided to follow a Vegan diet (not easy mind you...especially if you enjoy meat & dairy & incorporated a lot of processed food)! Well, in my case, I have found it to be extremely beneficial and do notice a big difference when I "fall off the wagon". Anyone else????

p.s. and to try and stay as active as what is good for you.

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  • That's interesting. I've followed a largely veggie diet for 30 years - I was very strict in my youth but in my 40s I found I needed more protein so added a little fish into the mix. I know you can get sufficient protein from combining the right legumes and vegetables but I never got the knack - I've always had a very busy lifestyle. In the past five years (and especially since diagnosis) I've been very conscious of what I eat. I eat a lot of fresh vegetable soup - first thing I do when I get in at night is whizz it up in the blender. Mainly spinach. I think going vegan would still be too difficult for me, but I might try to add a few more recipes into the mix. Where do you get your recipes from?


  • I think what you have and are doing is great! Dr. Neal Barnard, Knives over Forks, for vegan recipes, that's how I get some great ones

  • Just wondering if you take any meds and what your symptoms are I am recently diagnosed so it's all helpful for me

  • Hi Ryan, it's been about 13/14 yrs since my first exam with slight hand meds worked, so I thought the neuro doc was wrong....then it turned into the worst fibromyalgia, suffered with this for maybe 4yrs?....went back to a different neuro doc, he put me on 1 sinemet (carb/levo) took all my pain away... wow! since then, now for many years with a local neuro doc I am on 7 sinemet, 3 comtan, 2 Amantadine.....I've never had gait problems or hallucinations, just mostly tremors, which meds help considerably......carrying coffee never seems to make it to

    the table though... lol it's also good to have a sense of humor. I am noticing that exercise of any kind should help or any outside activity you feel comfortable with. This will help with balance which can be affected.

  • Thank you :) my tremors are quite bad but I'm scared of meds side effects :) still able to do most things , sounds like yours is quite a slow progression,thanks again for replying it feels a bit isolating to start with but I have a good sense of humour so that will get me thru :)

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