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Excess Saliva In Mouth

I am just hoping that someone has found a solution to this problem. I do not know whether it is related to Parkinsons or not, I just need to get it under control, After looking drunk I now sound drunk as well. My GP and also my Dentist seem unable to find a solution. I feel as though I am choking and am sick most mornings.

I have always found solutions to problems here and I am hoping that someone will be able to help this time,

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Hi Court,

My husband has advanced PD,

Diagnosed 6 years ago.

He has excessive saliva, especially during the day, and if he drops of to sleep, upright in his chair,..he is really bad with it unless reclines back.

But has it every day, his consultant prescribed Hision patches worn behind the ear.

But he had a bad reaction from these, they suspect, overdosing of the dopamine,

He had a bad hallucinating event, ended up in hospital.

It is definitely PD related as far as my husband is concerned ..

I'm washing his clothes everyday.

I'm so tired of trying to cope , I'm ready to give up.

Plus he is urine incontinent,

I hate this illness.

It's tearing us apart.

I hope you can get some better advice, from you're Parkinson nurse sometimes they are more helpful than you're GP or consultant.

Good luck ..best wishes Court.


Hello Roseyuk

We my wife and I have been through hell and back for 10 years with my PD.

Please find some help with your stress. Take care of yourself. I have for now have my PD at a level i can live with. In fact i am better now than 10 years ago. It can get better.

see my post here.



Have you tried convenes, Roseyuk? It has made our lives so much better. It took a bit of practice , but I learnt to use only proper soap for washing, kitchen towels for drying and a light adhesive spray. It has been well worth the effort. We have very infrequent "accidents" ( usually due to my failings) and has transformed our lives. Your GP should be able to help. Good luck! X


Hi Roseyuk

I am sorry that your husband is having such a bad time which, of course affects your life, or lack of it. My cousin lost her fight with Parkinsons and she was unable to help herself, so she went into a Nursing Home. Heartbreaking.

I hope you are getting all the help you are entitled to, both financial and personal. Life can be so cruel. I will be thinking of you.


Not Excess Saliva just don't swallow as much and slower. Slower muscle movements cause PWP to choke when our wind pipe does not close fast enough and food or saliva gets in it.

PD meds like carbidopa levodopa have helped me. I do not choke as much or even not as all.



Hi Court. How distressing for you. I've not experienced this (yet) but I read an account of someone having trouble with 'drooling' (can't remember if it was here or on another site). They had a Botox injection in the problem area and apparently it really worked.


stevie 3 The account you read was mine. I have had excess saliva problems, caused, I am told, by a lessening of the automatic reflex to swallow which we normally don't even notice, (caused by Parkinson's). This went on for several years and, yes, occasional drooling was a problem. We tried several prescriptions, including Glycopirrolate, with little noticeable effect. My GP did some research and suggested I consider a different approach. With my approval she injected a Botox solution into each side of my jaw. As she predicted, it took about four days to take full effect, but the result was quite satisfying. There were no complications. I no longer have a damp pillow in the morning and XXXXXXXX (nasty word) is no longer a problem.


Sorry Ronn it didn't suit you .. Did it have you any side effects that were troublesome , I was afraid it would dry John urine or slow it down , he can have enough trouble without but up hasn't. so far . Been using a month .

John was the same copious amounts of drool .


Botox injections have not helped me at all!


Here you are my friend - not tried personally but heard recommended

atropine - anecdotal experience in community settings suggests that 1% strength atropine eye drops can be used orally to reduce saliva production. Drops can be diluted 1ml in 100ml of water and used as a mouth rinse up to three times a day or 2 or 3 drops can be given sublingually up to 3 times a day



Thank you for replying to me. At the moment I am trying a salt mouthwash. It is too early to say yet, but I hope it may be helping. Once again, sharing my problem has helped me.



So.. Roseyuk - I just posted a question very similar to this!! Sorry that I did not investigate for answers prior to posting my question but I do definitely relate to your issues, including the urinary incontinence. My husband developed a severe bladder infection and then became unable to urinate at all. They then installed a supra pubic catheter into his bladder to be able to empty. Now he is able to urinate, but still has no control, so I refuse to eliminate the catheter. I would rather deal with a urine bag than the Depends. My husband has only been diagnosed in May of 2013. It is very tough.

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Well unfortunately cflloyd, .. My husbands doctor in hospital , would not let him come home with a catheter, they tend to prefer to make life a nightmare for the patient and carer, by making us using pull ups incontinance wear.

Have to say our district nurse , did offer to try convenes , but we really struggled with those to.

he did have a blockage with the catheter, whilst in hospital, that's why it was removed, but prior to that, he seemed more relaxed with the catheter , only having to empty the bag occasionally.

He also came home with a serious bladder infection, it was a nightmare, had the district nurse come and do the testing, as I could hardly stand the smell he's better now after a long course of anti biotics,

But back to the usual pull ups, which I have managed to get supplied by the NHS ,, as they only usually give out the pads..

It is truly a nightmare, watch the person you love, and is perfectly intelligent... To go through the phases of this bloody awful illness.,

Sorry I have to vent.. Occasionally.

I wish there was a better answer to the incontinance and the drooling.

I might just mention to his PD consultant, about the Botox thing.

Here's to you, and all the other PD and carers everywhere .


Hi Roseyuk, yes, as you describe, it is heartbreaking to watch a once strong person fade and become so fragile. I feel your pain.


Hi Roseyuk, I agree 100% with how hard it is to see our husband b taken down with this horrible disease.. I pray there will b a cure one day soon. My husband is 76, diagnosed 3 years ago, but I could see it happening a couple of years before being diagnosed. For me being a wife & mother always being able to fix or make things better for my family. And it kills me not being able to fix the strong man I married and make him well again😂 We have tried most Parkinson's meds with nothing but bad side effects to deal with and actually the meds did not help him..

The tremors in his right hand r getting really bad and also have gone into his left hand now. He has an artificial hip that has dislocated 7 times before having parkinsons and now with this it is just a matter of time before it happens again due to him falling. I could go on & on but I have ranted on enough. Never knew how hard it was until I walked in these shoes..... God Bless and may he give us all the strength & patience we need to handle one day at a time.....

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I know of a speech therapist researching this in Ireland could maybe link you up or get u info


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That sounds very interesting. Though until recently I had a dry mouth. However, my main problem is this jelly like substance in my mouth. No one seems to be able to help.

Maybe you could tell your my friend my problems and we could take it from there

Really appreciate your help.

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Can u see my earlier reply to a post such as this. I notice one of you have tried the glycopperate and it wasn't helpful. We tried all the others. Had a dreadful time especially with the ear patch . Three days and night of hallucinatio dreadful very difficult time .

The glycopperate has given no bad side effects , at least so fare . I am not expecting then dos they have happened immediately with all others .

He talked 05 mg in a dropper three times a day .

Such an improvement I really didn't expect it to work , it's the main thing my husband ever complained about . Helps him sleep better without the choking ,


Sleeping on two pillows has eliminated this problem at night for my husband. He still has excess saliva during the day, however, but it is not continuous.


Hi Court. As I have just this minute said on a similar blog on this HU site.

The problem is that the subconscious brain does not intitiate swallowing to regularly get rid of the saliva in the mouth. That should happen over a thousand times a day but doesn't.

He should make a habit of regularly swalowing the saliva, which is the natural way of dealing with the problem.

Have you read my book, "Reverse Parkinson's Disease"? I deal with this and many other problems in it. I have managed to overcome most of my Pd symptoms and have been medication-free for the past 13 years now. I live a 'normal' life now and am on a trip all over the English-speaking world to show people with Pd how to walk properly and how to overcome problems like yours.

You can visit my website and see over 400 articles on how to deal with Pd. it is: - reverseparkinsons.net. It is well worth a visit.

Good luck!



Hi John

Thanks for your comments. In actual fact my post was misleading. I actually suffer from a dry mouth, not an excess of saliva. I had a bad mouth and tongue infection and when this cleared up I was left with a mouth and throat coated in a thick saliver. My GP and Dentist have been unable to solve this so I came here where I usually find an answer.

At the moment, before I try one of the replies I got, I am using a salt mouthwash and hope this will do the trick. I do hope so.

Thanks to everyone who answered my post and I am sorry it was misleading.



Regarding your description of your throat," coated in a thick saliva," I had a similar problem, a thick, viscous phlegm coating the base of the tongue and the throat which resisted efforts to loosen it by swallowing. After trying various remedies I found that if you peel an apple with a sharp knife and swallow the peel with the apple, the sharp edges of that peel cut into the phlegm, breaking it up without damage to your throat, and make it much easier to swallow or expectorate.

Good luck in finding an answer.


Ask your Gl or nurse if you can try glycopperonium it has helped my husband , it's the only thing that has without having any adverse effects .

Like Robbo said convenes with a bag is very helpful


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