Brain implants or standard DBS

Brain implants

because brains move slightly during physical activity and as we breathe and our heart beats, rigid implants rub and damage tissue

overcome these problems using a fine, flexible mesh. In 2012 the team showed that cells could be grown around such a mesh, but that left the problem of how to get one inside a living brain. The solution the scientists devised was to draw the mesh—measuring a few millimeters wide—into a syringe, so it would roll up like a scroll inside the 100-micron-wide needle, and inject it through a hole in the skull

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  • I have had no problems with my DBS which was put in 1 year 3months ago! I have been in a car that was rolled and nothing was damaged that involved my D.B.S..

    I am a believer in progress if something should happen and you were getting infection with this being terminal due to the mesh,it sounds like once the cells start growing around it then it would become completely part of your brain and could not be taken out ?

  • Dan I too am pleased w/ my DBS except for one thing; My N. Doc & staff have no clue when it comes to programming or teaching same etc. I am in Philly, PA.

  • Thanks for posting this, it is fascinating!

  • My DBS implant was done in October of 2014. No problems at all. Of course, I'm in the Boston Scientific study testing the Vercise device. Programming has been remarkable!

  • I have had the Vercise system since 2015 as well. Let's compare notes if you are interested.

  • Roypop, I want to ask you, since I know you have a tremor dominan PD, have you had pain and weakness in your tremor arm, pain in the forearm and weakness of that hand? This is a new sensation for me after 2+ years of PD diagnosis

  • yes, as described

  • Thanks for the response. Thought I was unique and it was only temporary but it is only temporary in that it will be getting worse. Does exercising it help?

  • on occasion I use elect massage tool around the effected elbow

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