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Hello dear people ,I am after some advice ,help,understanding for a friend. His wife has pd,it's altering quite quickly and in the last few months he's been finding her emotional side harder and harder to live with. Tonight they had a big row ,she was accusing him of not listening or helping,Tec it ended with her pushing him into a door. Now she is a lovely lady and all this is out of context to who she was,he says it's not her it's the pd but he was in tears saying he can't cope with it any more,he works hard ,kid always there to help ,but has admitted to staying away from home through work because he can't cope. I can't get him to speak with her doc or anyone and feel if I speak with it might make matters worse..thank you folks .

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  • Is your friends wife on sinemet, if so has she been on it long?. My neuro put me on sinemet and my mood changed dramatically, I became very argumentative, and turned into a monster to my partner and family, shouting one minute and crying the next. At times wanted to smash things, also feelings of depression, I work in mental health and realised that this was not me, spoke to my PD nurse and told her how I felt and that my relationship was in danger. I was taken off sinemet and put on madapar, My moods completely settled,and back to myself again, family are very thankful as well. It is important that someone talks to the doctor, neuro or PD nurse to make sure that it's not medication causing these problems, and if it isn't then I am sure that they can help with the mood swings. But to ignore this is asking for trouble. Wishing you all luck in finding a resolution and a peaceful outcome.

  • Thank you for that ,I will ask ,

    I have a feeling she may have been put on sinemet recently . It is so sad to hear as they are a lovely couple ,and its horrible to see this happening. Medication is a mine field !

    Best wishes to

    You :)

  • Hope everything works out ok for them.

  • No offense, but your being there for him is NOT a good idea!!! His wife is trying to cope and instead he's turning to you????

    Tell him to visit the Visiting Nurse Assoc. for help in finding some type of care for his wife....maybe she needs him to remember HER as his wife....take her out, make her feel special again.....he sounds like he's looking for a way out.....sorry

  • Anger in PD is not anger as normal folks know not a question of just taking the wife out for a spin around the neighborhood. It is a symptom.

  • that maybe very true....but it also couldn't hurt. Maybe it will be an opportune time for him to softly explain that he knows her anger isn't necessarily directed at him and he will help her get help for it and that he still loves her ♥ Re-assurance is everything guys!!!! just a touch from my husband's hand....or picking a dandelion in the yard and presenting it with a big smile....can mean so much...we who have to live with this...can use all reminders that someone still cares!!

  • Sounds like you're applying this to how you personally feel. This is not about you, if my husband started picking up dandelions with a big smile I would know he was losing it as it simply isn't what he'd do! We're all different and some need a friend to talk to that cares.

  • Sadly it is ,as it is of many of these diseases

  • I understand what you're saying,but I am there for both of them and have chatted with both .I won't take offence.

    They are going to speak with Parkinson nurse and doctor ,so hopefully both will get the help they need. :)

  • Oh and no he is not looking for a way out ,he loves her very very much .He is struggling to see these changes in his wife that have happened so fast . He hasn't wanted to tell her because he feels she has enough to deal with and doesn't want to add to it. Sorry but I think that was a bit insensitive.

  • Agree. Not only insensitive but jumping to an unwarranted conclusion about the nature of his motivation and your relationship with them.

  • Isn't that what friends do? He clearly can't deal with this himself and out really can't see how you're finding this to be offensive when he's trying to help a friend.

  • Hi thenun

    I have come across aggression in Parkinsons before. It is due to changes in the brain and is generally treated chemically. Unfortunately it could be related to the development of dementia. You may be able to talk with your friend about any other memory or cognitive problems his wife may have, hallucinations, paranoia? It could be he hasn't noticed until you talk with him. In the end he / they need the help of a neurologist. This isn't going to just resolve itself.

    Good he has your support.

  • Thank you ,I have chatted with both ,and she is repeating herself a fair bit,she has a friend who has the dementia with Parkinson's and I'm sure she wonders if she will get it. It's so hard to see how this disease changes people,I do feel for them they're a lovely couple and dear friends .

  • my partner Richard also has amazing mood swings he can be very excited about life but then sinks to not thinking its worth trying to do anything these moods are hard to deal with.He complains often that I dont listen carefully enough and that I throw him on to the sofa and he says Fuck it a lot. I dont blame him I don`t know what I would be like myself if I had the disease. Its very difficult he gets very anxious and hates me disagreeing with him.Hes says" dont argue it makes my illness worse". I have to be very diplomatic. He knows its hard for me and he tries to not ask for help but he has to ask.we muddle along and agree that you cant get it right.Hes had it for ten years now.

  • Flick, that's sad for both of you. have you or he noticed any pattern, related to dopamine levels during the day ie is it an off symptom? Also Depression in general can be shown through anger.

  • yes it all depends on whether he is able to move or not. I think he is getting more patient. He is not depressed, but just gets fed up with it,fair enough. We go to play tennis regularly even in the rain and wind sometimes and often we have a good game with scores like 10-8 or 12-10. sometimes he cant move and its hopeless .Some friend are coming round today to talk about how meditation can help. The guy has a terrible back problem but doesn`t get angry.

    maybe this will help Richard and me. I look after myself singing in a choir,painting gardening.

  • Flic, that's great that he plays tennis when hes able too ,I would imagine it could be so easy to not do these things . I hope the meditation helps..i know it does me and my pain ,sometimes at least . best wishes to you both

  • A lot of similarities ,you sound like a wonderful wife,look after yourself too

  • In my experience it was always the meds changing my persoality and not for the better, as I can say anger was one of the problems, my daughter wanted to move out to get away from me.

    But Alzheimers is asssociated with PD sometimes, not all the time, but the Home Health Nurse would do an assessment and communicate with the doctor, Im sure you have those in your country,, but call them something different.

    As an RN, it is best to see the patient in his own home by a nurse at some point, and it could give his wife and family a lot of insight into what is going on.


  • thenunn, You have used the word "Tec" in several posts. Meaning, please?

  • :) ah ..pure typo..I think it should be etc but predictive text must step in .

  • I totally understand--my own typing is appallingly dyslexic. I am constnatly invertnig letters, and if I don't proofread, it's a emss (LOL).

  • :)

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