Drunk without having a drink

A few days ago something rather odd happened to me. I was aware that my balance was bad, but can remember very little else. From what my husband has told me I suddenly started acting as though I had been drinking, My balance was bad and I was slightly slurring my words. I was functioning normally and the episode did not last for very long. My husband has pointed out to me that I had had a very busy few days and this coupled with my not sleeping may have caused the problem. Obviously, if it were to happen again I will go to see my GP. I was wondering if anyone else had experienced a similar problem. Apart from feeling tired I feel fine. Maybe it is my meds which my GP has changed slightly.

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  • Court,

    You wrote of something odd which happened to you a few days ago and asked if anyone else has experienced anything similar. Strangely enough, I went through something very similar last Thursday. I participate, 3 days a week, in competitive bowling, quite popular with seniors here in the US. Nearing the end of the games I began to notice clumsiness and loss of balance, also some confusion and that extreme tiredness that PWP know so well. I also had not been sleeping at night and had been

    under stress as your husband described the events leading to your episode. As are you I'm better now. Wishing you the best.

  • Hi Ronn

    Thank you for responding to my question so quickly. It is strange that we both had a similar experience. I have never heard, or experienced anything similar. My balance was particularly bad, far worse than usual. I was aware that there was something not quite right, but I was able to function as normal otherwise

    We are so lucky having this Site as there is always someone who has had a similar experience and I think it is a true saying 'something shared is something halved'. Bowling is popular here, too, but I have back problems so have never tried it.

    Welcome back to the Site and thanks again for replying so quickly


  • "Something shared is something halved" -- I've never heard that before but I like it!

  • That not sleeping at night is getting to be a real pain in the neck.

  • How disconcerting for you I haven't had this problem but PD is such a peculiar condition you never know what is around the next corner. Thinking of you.



  • Please do see your MD if it happens again. It very well could be the PD but these symptoms are also signs of stroke. TIA's (transient ischemic attacks) are mini strokes and can last just minutes but are a warning that a stroke can be imminent. Hope it was just an off PD day for you.


  • Rajbhai,

    I notice you mention 'freezing' of your legs. I think the freezing phenomenon is separate from the other symptoms as I only experienced this over the last 2-3 years. My PD nurse suggested I try ApoGo injections & they worked well for me. You can search this site for more info.

    I don't know where you live but I am in UK so there is no cost to me but I understand it is not available everywhere due to cost

  • HI,honeycombe3, i reside in new zealand ,thanks for your reply ll be visting my neurologist soon to discuss about this my left leg muscle gets stiff every morning cant do much have to live like this. thanks

  • The singer Linda Ronstadt has said she decided to divulge that she has PD in part because word was going around that she had been seen drunk in public, which was far from the truth

  • Beckey,

    Apparently on the rare occasions when I had these 'turns' at work prior to dx some wiseacres put them down to booze. In 14 years working for the same employer these people had never seen alcohol pass my lips.

  • Hi Sue,

    It's been a while. Sane1 (I love this) has highlighted the aspect which first came to mind, probably because a number of friends have recently experienced TIAs. However I have had spells such as you describe over the 12 yrs since my dx with no stroke damage - 2 heart attacks but no strokes.

    When this feeling of disorientation strikes I say my "gyroscope" has gone. I lurch & weave around, have slurred speech & I sometimes feel that the ground is moving in waves under my feet. I have raised the subject with various medics who seem to think it is just part of PD.

  • Hi.

    You have no idea how pleased I was to get your reply. I am an expert (not) on Tia's but did read up on them. It was the obvious choice. I should have realised never to be complacent where Parkinsons is concerned. There are always little surprises waiting for us.

    My husband says my episode lasted at least an hour. My recollection is hazy, but I do remember that my balance was bad and my husband says my speech was slurred. I will have to be aware that these episodes will probably happen again I will probably mention them to my Parkinsons Nurse. Thanks for your input.


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