Do certain pillows help with sleep issues?

Hi every sleep deprived PDers out there!

I was just wondering if anybody has found a pillow that helps them with their aches and pains while sleeping contorted in order to alleviate the pain. Last note I borrowed my son's pillow, that he paid a small fortune for, made of shredded latex , call me stupid but I finally had a good notes rest!!! Is it a case of mind over matter or is there something to this pillow that keeps your body alignment in check? Does anybody know about it?


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  • I just did some research on this pillow and it sounds very very comfortable.

    What I think we Parki need is,comfort in every way possible. I used a sleeping pad last night and slept like a baby. No dear friend you are not crazy, the comfort I believe help you to relax so you could sleep.

    I hope your son let you use his pillow or that you can get your own. I may even go out and get my one. My best to you from Eva Gabrielle


  • Try a memory foam pillow. I have to get up to pee but fall asleep so much more quickly.

  • I have tried the memory foam pillow and it didn't do it for me but thank you!

  • Thank you very much! I am going to order one on line!

  • What's the brand name of the pillow?

  • I'm not sure but when my son comes home from work I'll find out and let you know!

  • The hieght of the pillow may help to keep the upper spine and neck in alignment while laying on one side or the other.

  • Thanks for your reply, and you are very right!

  • I sleep on a memory foam pillow every night otherwise I wake up with a terrible stiff neck. I still need to find something to put between my knees so my hips and knees don't hurt in the morning.

    Maybe the pillow is worth the investment. A good night of sleep is completely priceless!

  • Chris0846: I too have been searching for the "perfect" pillow and/or mattress. I posted the question 8 months ago on this site under the subject of "Sleep". I received mostly replies about mattresses which were good ideas, but I haven't pursued them yet. I have a collection of about 7 or 8 pillows & I believe I've finally found a couple that help me get a better night's sleep. I switch back & forth occasionally depending on how I feel that night. One I discovered while staying at a Hilton hotel so I wrote down the info & ordered it when I got home. Here is the info: Down Dreams Jumbo 20" X 28" (51X71 cm). I've never been particularly fond of "Down" pillows, which usually have goose feathers, but this pillow's inner chamber has 87% Duck feathers & the outer chamber has 13% down (not sure what or if the diff. between Duck & Goose). I found it on I think Amazon took me to that site. Some that I looked at on Amazon were not the 87% Duck feathers & I wanted exactly what I had at the Hilton. The other pillow Ii found at a department store named, Kohls, it is made by Innocor. It's the one I like the best, it may be similar to the one your son has? It also is a very heavy pillow. The tag says All New Mat'l Consisting of Polyurethane Foam Pad...100% and states that the cover is 70% Polyester & 30% Rayon from Bamboo. When I first bought the pillow I thought the insides were bamboo, silly me. Anyway, those 2 pillows in addition to Satin pj's have made me rest a little better at night. Now I'll work on finding a mattress........

  • Thanks for the information Lagtag! When I see my son, I didn't yesterday as he's been very busy, but when I see him I'll get the website he ordered his very heavy pillow and pass it onto you. Seems like your "bamboo" pillow is the same.

  • Chris0846,

    Just thought I would let you know my bamboo pillow is still working good.


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