Am back for discussions

Am back for discussions

I have only just resumed on this site after an absence of nearly a year. I was dx'd 13 years ago and am now having to address a change in meds which is proving very difficult. Until I had brain surgery as part of a Clinical Trial (which did not work out for me) in October 2014, I was doing well with my meds which with one exception I had chosen from my researches. But now it's a new ball game and I am bit lost

Apomorphine has been suggested but I am just not sure about using a strong agonist

Any advice would be appreciated

Kind regards


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  • Welcome back Froggatt55!

  • Thank you laglag it is good to back

  • If you took part in a clinical trial, the rest of us PwP owe you a debt of gratitude, Froggatt.

  • Thank you Beckey - it was an opportunity to feel different and at the same time to make a difference. It did not work out for me but hopefully others on the Trial get better results

    How are you doing?

    Kind regards


  • Hi Froggatt. I am keenly interested in your story. I have no desire to gloat or criticise your choices I only want to express my surprise that you did not possibly think about a different way to deal twith Pd. Yes, there is a non-medical way of dealing with Pd, that many people sneer at.

    Have you not read about the affect of exrcise on Pd? Did you not read the report at the 1st World Parkinson's Congress held in Washington DC in 2006 by Dr Beth Fisher? She told us all that high intensity walking (Fast Walking) improves the supply of dopamine in the brain. Yes, without any medication or surgery, we can all imrove the amount of dopamine we have in our brain, the lack of which is the problem we have that causes the Pd.

    Are you now capable of walking? If you are, it is never too late to start doing fast walking.

    Go to my website and read all about it - - and make a change in your life without spending one single cent.

    Good Luck!


  • Thanks John

    I am totally sold on Exercise as th bay way to combat the assault that Parkinson's invades our bodies. I was an avid e reviser until I had brain surgery as part of a Clinical Trial (which did not work out for me) As a consequence I have not been"motivated" to Exercise

    That however is in the past. I am once more comitted to Exercise. Walking isn't my best thing (balance problems mostly) by I am getting on the treadmill shortly

    I am glad to heR things are still going well for you and I look forward to. Hearing more from you

    Kind regards


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