Parkinson's Movement

New Contingent of PD-Modeling Mice Recruited into the Battle for a Cure

"An animal model capable of reproducing the formation of α-synuclein fibrils and, consequently, Lewy bodies — the major pathological hallmark of Parkinson’s disease — has finally been developed.

"“We now have a very well-characterized model that offers a powerful tool for rapid screening of molecular pathways involved in Parkinson’s disease [and] because it can also allow us to understand how human alpha-synuclein forms fibrils inside neurons and how that contributes to the progression of the disease, we can develop better drugs and intervention strategies to prevent this disease."

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Hi there,

Thanks for that. There seems to be mileage in this information & by adding it to other inititiatives hopefully the way forward becomes more defined.

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Several groups have been working in this area and it is definitely essential to have a realistic animal model. Thank you for posting this success.


You're welcome, this "area" (misbehaving alpha-synuclein) is central to a cure :D


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