DBS adjustment/migraine

I had my DBS adjusted today. Now I'm battling a migraine. Unlike typical migraine onset, this one started within an hour of the adjustment. Nausea with vomiting came on fast too. Does anyone else experience this?

This is the 3rd time it's happened to me. I've made my MDS aware and I took 800mg Ibuprofen as prophylactic measure before my appointment. (Obviously it didn't work) Just want to know if this happens to anyone else and what measures they take to either prevent and/or stop the migraine.


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  • My daughter takes Maxell for migraines. She says it works fast. Prescription required.

  • I have had problems with my DBS for a year I had to keep the settings very low, to avoid diskenesias and overstimulation. then I trialed a lower pulse frequency (down from 130 per minute to80 pm) and the lower overall power associated with this enabled me to raise the voltage and everything started to work In my brain.

  • Chris are you still having migraines? What symptoms did you have before DBS? I'm thinking about checking into it. I'm a total coward when it comes to surgeries, etc. I have tremors in both arms and legs. Keep praying I can find something less invasive for relief I can live with. Would appreciate any thoughts or input.

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