shoes for PWP? help take steps and fall prevention?

injury to seniors are due to falls. This new Orthopedic shoe has a rolled toe to prevent catching on uneven pavement, anti-slip sole, and a remote that you can hang around your neck or wrist. Perfect for dark hallways, movie theaters or just going for a walk at night.

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  • The beige orthotic High beam shoes are exactly what my husband needs but when looking on the site to purchase it only lists sizes up to US size 6 and does not state whether that is women's or men's, and my husband takes a size 11 Mens.

    also it is not clear whether they sell in the US or what.

    it is too bad because I would really like to get him a pair.

  • Hi! We are so excited about these new Shoes! Right now we only have a sample picture on the website. We believe that our new Orthopedic line will change the lives of thousands. They will be available to the public in April 2016. Three different styles and colors for men and women. All sizes. Help us spread the word!

  • I went on your web but don't find any description about what special these shoes have! Can you explain please?

    Thank you


  • Web link does not work! Are these shoes for Parkies who suffer with big toe curling up and making holes in most shoes?

    Thank you for sharing how you deal with it!


  • I apologize. We are getting our site ready for this launch. It will be complete next week. The shoes are called High Lights. and they have many features, like voice activated Headlights for low light situations, Orthopedic, deep shoe with wide toe area that is slightly rolled up in the front to help prevent falls. Here is the new link.

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