sinemet constipation

May be coincidental. No constipation since starting sinemet last Sunday, 4 days regular bowel movement and twice yesterday. I keep a record of my bowel movement so that leads me to believe the credit goes to sinemet. I will take that symptom, if it continues, to my discussion with my neuro on the 24th February, 2016. I may reconsider thoughts of changing med to the Neupro patch.

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  • it's no coincidence Roy,

    Your body hasn't had enough dopamine to make your muscles work, now you are giving it a bit and the muscles in your gut can move properly again so you are no longer constipated. Dopamine helps every muscle in our body. There are the obvious ones we use for moving but also many hidden like the ones in our eyes to those in our gut.

  • Many more good things will appear. The Sinemet will help you to better exercise. Take advantage of the opportunity. Dwell on the gifts and not on the fears of what might occur with Sinemet................Wishing you lots of good results

  • I am on 4 x Sinemet plus , 6mg patch and azilect and my bowel function is better than it has ever been in my life in spite of diverticulitis

  • happy pooping!

  • I take both and no troubles.

  • My father had the neurpro patch in the hospital & it was the absolute worse. Bad delirium, & horrible hallucinations, it just wasn't him & doctors wanted to put him on antipsychotic meds. That's when I got very demanding to switching him back to sinemet, they did & my dad gradually started behaving normal again. Please Be careful with the patch.

  • Really i was on the patch from the first day they came out with like about 2004 and never had any of those problems!

  • Age differences

  • How many milligrams does your patch contain? Was it neupro patch? How long have been on it? No hallucinations?

  • sadly, constipation has returned

  • The sinemet may have helped, but it is short acting. Apples, orange juice, prunes. . .friends to you that will chase away your poo!! Hang in there.

  • Wow!! My husband takes 8 pills a day. His neruo just upped it because of weakness and off balance. Plus 6 of Requip. He suffers from constipation. I found an herbal pill called Senna. You are to take 2 at bedtime. It helps. His Dr. said try Muralax, which he doesn't care for. Then there is Metamucil also. Not sure if I want him on the patch if it causes hallucinations.

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