In like a lamb out like a lion

My mother used this saying when I was small she used to say to me we are not out of the woods yet when I wanted to put on cotton dress and forget my jacket. She reminded me on a mild spring day that the elements could still bite..

For the first decade my illness wasn't so much a lamb but more like a box of puppies. Wilful sometimes annoyingand not very well behaved nonetheless manageable. oh how those days have changed..

I have come to learn that for me Parkinson's Disease is not about whether I can walk orput on my socks or move in bed it's about coping with the extreme frustration and shrinking world that impaired movement forces upon you. I am so grateful that in the last 10 years I still worked and traveled and lived my life to the maximum.

Now it's about mental agility, it's about mental tolerance, it's about using your creative and innovative self to forget what your body has forgotten.

today I am using Google type to write this with voice activation it's a wonderful thing when your hands don't work anymore. luckily I am a techno chick and technology plays an important part in my life.

Did I choose the title of this post to reflect my condition yes but it does not refer to my illness it refers to my strength, Parkinson's came in like a lamb and I am dealing with it like a lion. I can still roar.

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  • my iPad is my saviour on dim days of communication, it's lovely when I hear techno chick in a sentence. It's a must to explore what new technology can do to make our days more exciting.

    You are forever inspirational, here's wishing you a roar of a day,

    Catherine xx

  • Thank you, so very kind 😃

  • I really love your posts and your gracious attitude. I'm in fairly early stages and when I was dx'd in 2014, I resolved to make the most of the years ahead when I would still be relatively well. I've never had a desire to go down the Amazon or abseil from a tall building, but I have stopped deferring things. I say 'yes' to the invitations to life that come my way. And I am travelling a little more. Even in my early stages, there are things I can no longer do. But the things I can do, I make sure I do!

  • Thank you so very much, and damn right. It's all good if you give yourself a chance ! Sounds like you are doing that 😃

  • I so wish we could meet. I am 15 years on this road and the thief is taking large chunks now. I've gone from being an athletic 45 year old to having to wait and wait some more for enough to stand and walk from one room to the next. Good times still outweigh the off times but the percentage is eroding quickly. Making more choices about how to use the good times. Don't take much for granted.

    I'll author a post soon. We do each other good making our "voices" heard.

  • I love your attitude which mirrors mine. No time to dwell on PD with 6 gorgeous grandchildren, 2 of whom are 14 month old twins! I keep as active as I can and say yes to all invitations - off into London with friends today. Keep positive !

  • 😃😃😃

  • Hi Henderson-Hayward

    We all could learn a lot from you , very inspirational post.

    life is definitely a challenge however you've proven its how we manage our physical and mental challenges that's important.

    I like many have had my fair share of fighting with my desire to continue as before, mentally I'm ready for my next challenge however physically the challenges are too much however I will continue to try and I'm not giving up without a fight even if my body speaks otherwise.


  • And I learn from you also 😃

  • You certainly can, and in sharing with all of us you help us along the way. You are a great role model for how to live with this disease with patience and dignity. I hope you are still enjoying your new house! Think Spring. :)

  • Yes new house is brilliant. I'm downsizing everything from cups to shoes having less is so much more. It's been an eye opener! Yes roll on Spring we have snow blizzards today! 😃

  • Wonderfully said! I plan to print this and post it on my wall somewhere as a reminder to me.

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