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a-Syn misfolding blockers/repairers (updated)

This is an update of a previous post. The number of compounds that help in the test tube or mice is overwhelming. Unfortunately, there is not a standard test to determine which ones reach the human brain and work the best. It's not possible to take all of them. But the long list gives hope: there are many different ways a-Syn misfolding can be prevented, reversed, and cleared out of the cell, so a combination of the right ones could work together and be even better than what they see in mice.

Previous article:

Here are new ones to add to the list:


nicotine & caffeine ( )


metformin (relatively safe and old anti-diabetic medicine)

rifampicin (anti-bacterial)

trehalose (like glucose, found in mushrooms )

(trehalose looks great in animals but may be broken down too much in humans by trehalase ni the G.I. tract: )

This last one has 28 articles on it that mention PD, and it's the most recent one I've found. It makes me wonder how many more are out there.

Here's the previous list of "supplements" that help clear or reduce a-Syn misfolding:


naringin (the grapefruit bitterness)

gallic acid (from nutgall, black tea, teas, grapes, berries)

myricetin (bayberry bark)

morin (guava, osage)

Nordihydroguaiaretic acid

Genistein (ginseng) (possibly because it is like nobiletin: a TKI)

cuminaldehyde (cumin)

quercetin (apples)

tangeretin (expensive, from tangerine peel)

olive oil (ellagic acid)

EGCG (green tea extract)

Ginkgolide B (ginkgo)

pharmaceutical-like a-Syn protectors:


nilotinib (pharmaceutical, primarily by increasing AMPK)

rasagiline (pharmaceutical)

methylene blue (common chemical, not completely safe)

4-phenyl butyrate (BPA)

rapamycin (immuno-suppressant for organ transplant)

reduces a-Syn misfolding but probably not bioavailable:


baicalein (skullcap flower, oxidized this breaks up existing a-Syn possibly like no other, seems completely unable to make it past liver to brain)

berberine (not strongly bioavailable, but can be helped with verapamil)

rosmarinc acid blocks a-Syn aggregation, but does not appear to be bioavailable.



palmitoylethanolamide (PEA)

In a sense, kind of a-Syn misfolding reducers:


exercise (increases heat-shock proteins and ATP energy 24 hr/day)

alcohol (increases ATP energy for clearance)

water (staying hydrated. Dehydration increases a-Syn misfolding.)

correcting underlying diabetes (increases ATP energy for clearance)

Reminder of the AD-toxic foods:


possibly iron, chocolate, definitely milk (men only?), creatine when taken with caffiene, amphetamines, manganese, possibly high dose vitamin C, possibly DHA in fish oil

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Thank you for this! There is so much to keep track of!


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