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Drug trials / France

I'm appalled to read about this. Firstly my sincere and heartfelt wishes go to the victims, their families and friends.

Nothing is deliberate, all were simply doing their best. I cannot abide this blame culture. Anyway this is my take..

A neuro surgeon once told me ' we know more about Mars than we do the brain'

Another told me ' treatment of Parkinson's is educated guess work. We do our best but we don't know'

2015 was a horrific year for me. I struggled with a mental breakdown caused by prescribed drugs.

I remain very cautious about our treatment options. I now take as few drugs as possible; those close to me will see the negative impact that decision has had on my physical status. However I'd rather keep my sanity, know who I am, have clear and rational thought than walk. That's my choice. Non invasive, non mind altering options are coming. Hang in, keep well, be brave. We can do this. We so can.


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PARIS – A man died in a French hospital Sunday after taking part in an experimental drug trial for a painkiller, and five other participants remain hospitalized after one of France's most troubling medical incidents.

French prosecutors have launched a manslaughter investigation into the unusual case, which shined a spotlight on the practice of testing drugs on paid, healthy human volunteers. Scores of others were also given the drug.


Something like that happened a few years ago, too. Lessons never learnt. Google, panorama MS. Looks promising.

Sorry, I did not add this link earlier:

If this works for MS, it probably works well on PD..just guessing.

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You are such a positive person and brave in your decision.

I wish you all the best for your journey with pd.

I very much enjoy reading your posts.

I have not heard that term "educated guess work". We're all doing our best aren't we?

We can do this, we so can !!!!!!

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We can do this


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