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Generally speaking I do pretty well with my PD. I have some aches and pains this week but they will sort themselves out. What I am frustrated about is my lack of sleep. I just took.25 milligrams of clonazepam to see if that will help. Last night I took.25 milligrams xanax and the night before that I took melatonin. I've got quite a shuffle going on with trying to find something that helps. I would love to hear from anybody who has suggestions. I have a friend who has been using CBD for sleep and says its helped her quite a bit. I'm going to get my medical marijuana card and then go to one of the shops and get CBD. I don't want the THC because it makes me too anxious and hyper. Has anybody had any experience with this? I'm in central California where we need the rain and right now there is a wonderful rain going on so even if I don't sleep I guess I can listen to that. Thank you. I am grateful you're all there.

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  • Hi Enidah

    I had trouble falling to sleep and felt restless when I lay down, like I have to move, my legs would jerk or feel like i just have to move them.

    I now take i Ropinirole 6 mg 24hr at bed time and i fall right to sleep.

    Hope this helps


  • 24 hr? what does that mean?

  • I think It is time release and last 24 hours just part of the name


  • makes sense, thanks texas


  • I've taken some prescription meds & Azilect for sleeping problems & they have always made me more tired & grouchy the next day. I have found that Ibuprofen PM helps as well as just plain old Aleve (2 per night). These things don't always help, but do they do better than most things I've tried. I can usually get 5 or 6 hrs. of pretty good sleep by taking them. Also, I try not to take them every night. I believe your body can get too dependent on them & then they don't work as well.

  • I like the ibuprofen pm idea. It's always a balancing act between feeling crappy from not enough sleep or the meds I've taken to try to get enough sleep. I take ibuprofen anyway for aches and pains so I'll try the ibuprofen pm. Thank you.

  • Hello Enidad;

    I use 100 mg trazedone and 10 mg time released melatonin

    That work for me.

    May you be blessed with good sleep for the rest of your life:)

    Love, Eva


  • I need 13 mg melatonin in order for it to be effective, but even with time release it wears off in 5 hours. Sometimes I wake up after 4 hours, take 6 more mg melatonin and drink half a glass of wine and it works.

    CDB works pretty good, but for me it seems like I need it only at certain times when I'm desperate. Other times it leaves me groggy.

    Exercise of course helps overall, including better sleeping.

  • Hi Enidah. I have had sleep problems since 1974, many years before I was diagnosed with Pd, but had had Pd symptoms since 1963.

    After taking various types of sleeping pills they all worked for a while then I had to take 2 and then 3 until they just did not work anymore. Then I had to find another and so it went on. Whatever I took, my body got adjusted to it and it stopped working. I was going mad!

    Then I realized that I had to accept that I was unable to sleep after a couple of hours. Instead of lying in bed, tossing and turning, I would turn the light on and read until I felt as if I could sleep again. Then I invariable fell asleep until it was time to get up. My average sleep was only 3 to 4 hours, but that was better than having felt that I had not slept at all.

    Now I still only sleep for an average of 5 hours a night. I am so used to it and I don't let it worry me at all. If I feel like sleeping during the day, I do. The problem with that is that I don't get the 5 hours at night then.

    Stress related to lack of sleep is far more problematic than the lack of sleep itself. Just get used to it and get on with your life.

    Oh! I don't read anything exciting during the night!

    My late wife was very, very understanding and did not mind me having the light on while I read. But I fixed the lights on the wall behind the our heads so that my light shone from her side and away from her, so that she could not see the light. Her light shone away from me.

    I hope this helps you.


  • I do the same, read a boring book or any book.......I also think sleep is very important to get, a neurosurgeon that gave me my permit for med MJ in CA. said I should go to bed every night at the same time, and try to get the same amount.

    The only think that lasts because the PD will go around it, get used to it and mess with it altogether and then we think its useless. sleepers.......

    the best one is deep breathing slow, I go deeply in and out and pause at the end of the exhalation and wait to breathe until your body does it on its own, respiratory rate goes down to 4-5/minute. I do this sitting up like a meditation, and when I start to get relaxed and slip into bed s-l-o-w-l-y and drop off. Sometimes I wake up and sometimes not. its getting better though.....

    I noticed that stress, blood sugar drops during the night, nightmares, have to be dealt with. I eat protein every 2 hrs. and the eatable chocolate AFTER. I am reading on stress and mindfulness, there is a book called "Mystic Cool" by Don Joseph Goewey that shows you how to calm stress.

    Hope this helps,


  • Hi Mtnstream. The biggest problem to overcome is the stress. You have hot the nail on the head when you said "deep breathe slowly", that gets rid of the stress straight away.


  • Thanks John,

    I am walking everyday thanks to you,, and no more drop foot!

    All the best, Suzie Q

  • Hi Mtnstream. If you are walking at your fastest, you should not walk every day. You will pick up injuries. If you are not walking at your fastest, you are not doing it properly.

    Good luck and well done!


  • I too get anxious and hyper from THC, there are 2 types Indica and Sativa, the former supposed to leaving one sedated and tired, the latter more uplifting and energized. Indica is the one I take, I do an eatable called "Daydreamers" chocolates, its the only that works for me, but others get more results so trying it is worth it. The Indica does a lot for anxiiety, and does help me get to sleep.

    Hope this helps, there are strains that are supposed to be good for PDers, but hard to find there are so many......Both CBD and THC are neuroprotective.

    Go on Leafly or weeds maps for info. I also get "clones" which are cheaper and the Indica only takes 6-8 to mature. I dry the flowers to activate the CBD (has to be heated unless you get the Co2 extract which is expensive) make a butter and then my treats help me relax and gain weight.

    there is a publication called Marys Journal just started, and out of CA. gives alot of good info about Med MJ, will post address when I find the dang thing

    Suzie Q

    THe long acting Melatonin is nice too, 10 mg tabs, its safe, doesn't always work for everyone but when it does, it does a nice job. When I tell my movement specialist that I take 20-30 mg Melatonin at night she just nods her head. Deep breathing and meditation for a few minutes help too, good luck

  • One word of warning, don't get too used to the benzodiazepenes, ativan, restoril, clonazipane, etc they have a paraxysmal excitation reaction where you get used to the dose eventually, not worth it.

  • Most every night I lay in bed with my eyes wide open. stone cold sober, nowhere near sleepy, no matter what my day was like or what time I got up in the morning, THC puts me in a wretched state of mind but the CBD stuff can be very helpful. I've been nervous about Clonapin since I hear it can be so addictive.

  • Hi Becky,

    Same here, stone cold sobor is a good way of describing it!

    You should be nervous about benzos, they are extremely addicting, I am a verteran RN and knew of the consequences and still got hooked.

    Addictions are high with PD that's what the neuro said anyway.

    One thing I noticed is that I couldn't feel my blood sugar going down like I used to before I got PD, so I took a bite or two of protein at night if I wake up, keep boiled eggs or something to grab quick at night.

    Hope this or something else helps,

    Suzie Q

    BTW I went to the movement clinic (took months to get in) and they will not do DBS for 5 yrs from Diagnosis, but they changed my meds and it has made a world of difference. Im on Rytary now and requip, and getting off the antidepressants and neuroleptics.

  • Thanks, that's a really interesting bit of knowledge on the quick bite of protein!

    What's the verdict on Ambien? Friends have recommended it but I have read about people who got up and around (in one case even driving) in a "sleep-walk" state so I've been a bit reluctant.

    Re the DBS ... do you mean they won't do it if you're less than 5 years from diagnosis?

  • Have you tried Melatonin? doesn't work for everyone but when it does work, does it well.

    I would be scared of Ambien, must be pretty strong to do that, and I have heard of sleep walking with it before.

    The neuros told me that if they do it before 5 yrs and it turns out you don't have PD it can do serious damage and or kill you, thats what they said.

    I was in a very desperate position by the time I got to see them, so consider that. I wanted to ask why the magic number 5? but then we went into talking about meds so I didn't commit suicide.

    These women neuros I really like them, they put a high emphasis on learning Mindfulness........

    Personally Im getting really tired of the new age termonology (must be getting old) but that iss the new word on the market, so I got the book above that includes it plus other things for stress.

    I didn't have the best night or the worse, able to get back to sleep, i feeel lke Im training mysself on a new way of thinking.

    The insomnia certainly has its nights, lastnight being one.


    Suzie Q

  • I guess I'm really behind on reading posts. I took Ambien 1 time. Someone called me that evening & I didn't remember talking to them. I threw those out right away! I take Ibuprofen PM (1 or 2) & that helps a lot usually. It works better than Advil PM, but everyone is different. Satin pajamas also make it easier to turn over in bed.

  • Becky, I just replied to this post about Ambien & I believe it replied under Mntstream but I wanted to make sure you read it also.

  • Hi I was diagnosed w pd in march 15. My left hand had been shaking for about 5 years and finally my dr sent me to a neurologist who instantly diagnosed pd. He put me on dopimine and sinimet 3 x a day. I sleep very well even during the day I take a 1 hr nap very sound. At night I go to bed at8pm sometimes 9 or 10pm and sleep all night until 6:30am at which time I begin to shake. I take these two pills at 6:30am, 11:30am and then don't need more until bedtime. Sure hope this can help. Sinimet 25 mg dopimine is .025mg

  • Lots of very helpful information here. The clonazepam and xanax affect my short term memory so I only take them when I'm desperate. I tried the Advil PM last night and that seemed to help. Nothing works for long though. I didn't know melatonin came in time release form. That sounds like a good idea. I sure appreciate all the suggestions and information!

  • I take Sinemet 4 times x day and twice Amantadin for stiffness and no sleep during the day and I sleep 8 hours strait good luck and sleep tyte and don't let the bed bugs bite

  • Hi, I was diagnosed with one of the rarest forms of PD which is genetic, I'm taking 4 tablets a day of sine met plus, 3 sinemets slow release a day also 1 amantadine a day and X1 a day of requip slow release of 8 mg a day. And I don't sleep, I only get to sleep about 3 or 4 hours, my eyes are always bloodshot, but I think I've become used to it. There's nothing much you can do really. They tried to lower my doses and everything went berserk ended up in intensive care unit. So as you can see don't worry about not sleeping much, you will get to sleep when your body is very tired. I can assure you. In hospital they tried intravenously all they knew to make me rest but nothing worked, only pethedine but I wouldn't come back, I couldn't wake up, so it's dangerous to try anything which your body won't accept, you will get the rest when your body asks for it.

    Take Care, a friend.

  • That must have been scary.

  • Correction to my post 4 days ago......I said I took prescription meds & Azilect for sleep but they didn't help, but I meant Zanex rather than Azilect. Sorry for the error.


  • Thank you for that. I've been taking ibuprofen at night for aches and pains and when I woke up last night at 3 I took one melatonin and just read until I got sleepy. That seems to work, at least last night. Every night's an adventure.🌚

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