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I was diagnosed with PD 2 years ago, non-tremor and am just on Selegiline. At diagnosis I tried Madopar and later on Sinemet, looking back I think the drs then had me increase the dosage too quickly and soon I felt so ill I was unable to work. Not nauseous but completely fatigued, sweaty, felt terrible. So I stopped both trials after a week or so.

I've carried on my life as an orchardist, once I got through the first year of general depression and sleeplessness I felt at least mentally better. LSVT BIG physio program helped me a lot and I do the movements each night to keep it up but the main problem I have is with the bradykinesia in my hands. SOOO SLOOOWWW. I get frustrated with how slow I pick and grading is hard so I'm thinking about trying the L'dopa drugs again.

My question to non-tremor (PIGD) PD people is does l dopa help you? Does the slowness of finger/hand movements improve or is it just for the tremor? Do other people find that it hasn't helped them at all?



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I was diagnosed two and a half years ago and started taking Sinemet. I take 25 / 100 three times a day. I also have non-tremor PD. It helps greatly with my ability to use my hands. I can tell when it's wearing off for many reasons, but one of them is that it becomes hard to do things with my hands. The simplest things like getting things out of my purse or putting things away is very frustrating and slow.

I hope this is of some help and good luck!


Good morning

I have no tremor like you

Sinemet relieves all my symptoms including bradykinesia , pain in my right hand,

it restores my hand from almost totally useless to 95% of normal. The only thing is i take every 4 hours 2.5 tablets 25/100 and it lasts only about 3.5 hours so a little down time but can deal with it. If i stay busy during the down time i don't notice as much. Er version does no better.

I think i take a large dose compared to most people but i am a active and big guy 6'2" 220 lbs.

Find the right dose and it should work for you.

Good luck



Bailey, Good point about your size. It never crossed my mind that PD meds might need to be adjusted due to size, but that's a good thought because other meds, even over-the-counter aspirin, etc. sometimes need to be adjusted for that reason.


I take have non tremor PD and take a low dose of sinemet (1/2- 1 tab 25/100mg) several times a day. It completely relieves the bradykinesia in my hands and legs.


I'm not sure if I have what you call non-tremor PD or not. I was never told that so I'll have to ask my doctor if that is the type I have. My diagnose was 13 years ago & I just started having a very slight tremor in my left hand about a year ago. (PD started on my right side with slowness). I have been taking Sinemet in the form of Parcopa (dissolves on the tongue) for about 7-8 years & it helped my slowness quite a bit. I take 1 25/100 tablet 4 times a day, sometimes 5 per day if I have a longer day than normal. Around the same timeframe I started taking Azilect & it especially helped my typing. If my meds are not kicked in I still have a problem getting money out of my billfold, etc., but the Parcopa definitely helps.

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Thanks all for your feedback, I guess I'll give it another try.


Hi Grower. I have a similar history with drugs. I took Sinemet and Symetrel for 2 years and then my neurologist took me off both of them and put me onto Selegiline (Eldepryl) which I continued ot take, on its own for the next 8 years. After that I was able to come off the drugs altogether.

I am able to overcome my slowness of movement by consciously controlling what I am trying to do. With writing I print in block letters, which I can do quite fast but cannot write properly in the normal cursive style. It is hard to describe how to take conscious control of movement but you will understand that, by now most of the things you do regularly you don't have to actually think about the movement, your brain does it for you subconsciously. If you actually consciously think about each movement again, as you did in the beginning, you will be able to do it at a reasonable speed.

Try it, it works.



I have non tremor PD diagnosed in 2008 with atypical parkinsonisms, I have tried most of the drugs none of which seem to work so now i am not on any. In fact they changed my diagnosis to psp about 2years ago but I think they are wrong about this because I have plateaued out over the last 3-4 years although I still freeze and have occasional falls and psp is such a horrible disease , all my symptoms are mild. but i am quite happy to be off the medications. I see my neuro in about a years time so he can't be too concerned.

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I was diagnosed in 02 with nontremor PD. I underwent DBS 12-14 with good results. I still need c-l dopa 23/100 very 2 hrs mainly for dystonia in my feet. But it also helps bradykinesia balance and gait, as well as mood. The fact remains that this is a progressive disorder.

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