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I visited several months ago signed up and got distracted by other sites. Yesterday I revisited with a little more time and found a FANTASTIC online community. I will update my profile later today but I wanted to introduce myself to the group. I said that I'd never do this but here goes..... Hello my names Ewan, I'm 44, married to my beautiful wife Tracey and we have two amazing teenage daughters. I was diagnosed with PD in the summer of 2013. I've struggled to deal with life post diagnosis up until October 23 2015. That day I woke up chose the right attitude and decided to help myself and others by publishing my website. My strategy is to help the online PD community by sharing my experiences and thoughts mainly on exercise and nutrition. I post daily on Twitter, Facebook & Instagram and have a website (which has easy to access links to my social media posts) I would be thrilled if you would follow me and join in the global PD debate, daily discussions and hopefully a little banter.

So that's my introduction, I look forward to speaking with you either face to face, over the phone, email, social media or via Skype. Just covering all those bases is a full time job 😋 but great brain stimulation !!!

Hope to see you soon,


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  • Are you on any meds yet? I was also diagnosed in September 2013 and now I'm taking a low dose of carbidopa/levadopa. I also believe in exercise. Good luck to you. Love your blog!

  • Hi Roy, Thanks for your reply. Symptoms are mainly stiffens in my left sided limbs. Fortunately I'm right handed which really does help. Meds, yes I take Madopar 5 times a day

  • What form of PD? Tremor dominant or pigd? Are you on any meds yet? See my profile and posts otherwise I generally answ here

  • Hi Nourilo, Thanks for your message and feedback regarding the blog. It's taken me a long while to get here but I now relish the challenges that each day brings. The blog is my way to share our families experiences with the hope that it will help others. Meds, yes I take Madopar 5 times a day which helps tremendously but I find the sudden side effects to be hugely frustrating. Let's keep in touch! Best regards, Ewan

  • Ewan

    did not find how to respond to y our Section on Exercise. Think of exercise in terms of opportunities.....we can not afford to loose any. Highly recommend that you involve yourself in LVST BIG. The opportunity is enormous, especially given that you are early onset. Frontline several years ago, had a program by David Iverson, My Father, My Brother and Myself. Worth a view. Make contact with David.


  • Hi BillDavid, Thanks for the feedback I'm in the process of opening up the website to allow comments. Speak soon, Ewan

  • Welcome Ewan. I visited your site and was glad you were putting the issues out there. Our health plan in the U.S. did that for us. Hope to see more of you here.

  • Hi - Im planning lots of blogs and much more in the coming days and weeks. Please keep checking out the website and social media pages for updates. Lets stay in touch.

  • Hi, Ewan. I was also DX'd in 2013 , right side tremor. It was not so noticeable until a month ago. Not on meds yet. Excersize like a demon, 3+ hours a day. Thank you for your website and work. Will follow up.

  • Keep up the exercise, its the key to staying on top of PD !!

  • Hi Ewan

    I Just visited your website - brilliant source of information; thank you so much for creating a such a vibrant place. I've been dx 13 years - now 59 and worked out some time ago that protein stopped madopar working. I notice you say you have broken your madopar down into smaller more frequent doses. i'm sure this is the right approach. I guess i'll be taking more than you - 125 madopar every 3 hours - but I would be very interested to hear the medication regime which you have found helpful, if you wouldn't mind sharing it,



  • Great to hear from you JP. Speak soon. Ewan

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