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Hi I am 63 male and was told that I had PD in 2010 after my body shut down. After finding what was wrong I was put on meds like all of us , the side effects became as bad as my PD. So I went in for a DBS , it is not an easy operation , put it has completly changed my life. I went from taking pills every two hours to maintain to only 4 times a day. I hope that this will help those of you that are on the fence about DBS.

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  • Currydan, I'm so glad you found something that helped you feel better. Did you experience any negative side effects from the DBS?

  • Thank you for your feed back. I feel that my DBS did slow down my PD . I will always have my PD . I wish that I could try your walking program , I had both knees replaced and the one the doctor said was not to walk quickly or run, and due to a very bad lower back which at this point I am getting the nerve ends done so that I can move around without pain, so l am not sure at this time that your program would work for me. Again I wish to thank you and say that any one that can do what you suggest follow you and have a much improved life.

  • What are you having done to the nerve endings? I have parkinsons and neuropathy and have had 2 back surgeries !st was a 5 tier fusion then the Dr. went back in and removed everything he put in. Dec.18th 2014 fusion, June 2015 after a milogram, he goes in and removes all the hardware. The neuropathy is very painful and the Gabrapentin meds make me so dizzy.

  • dBS?

  • Deep Brain stimulator .

  • i had the DBS surgery in March 2014 it changed my life too. I have not had any dyskinesias since my surgery. Unfortunately the surgeon hit a blood vessel during surgery which caused a stroke which had left me with some other issues. i have held on to my belief that it could have been worst and don't let fear prevent you from changing the quality of your life of the rest of yout life

  • You are soon right!!!

  • It sure does. Thanks, Dan!

  • I admire people like yourself that have the courage to try DBS. My main concern is that I heard it is just a temporary solution just like the meds are. I agree that the med side effects are way worse than having PD and if DBS buys you more time before you have to go back to meds, that any years of relief would probably be worth it. Having Dystonia attacks on a daily basis has made my life a living hell. Looking back i wish i would have stayed with the holistic medicine for treatment and not 4 years after being diagnosed let my DR talk me into starting modern medicine. My body doesn't like the meds and although at first what seemed to be a blessing has now 15 years later, turned into a nightmare. I have heard that some ppl only get a few Years of relief with the DBS and then your body eventually goes back to the state it was in when you had the procedure.. is this true? Like with taking the meds it is just another way of buying time before your body adjusts and you are back where you started. I suppose any years gained is a plus but the DBS procedure is scary to me and seems awfully drastic if it isn't a longer lasting cure. Again, maybe i was misinformed......... I hope the relief you have found lasts a long time. You are much braver than I am. DR's and these drastic treatments scare me. Can anyone tell me if what i heard is true.. that depending on the individual having the DBS isn't a guarantee for even a few years of relief for some? and that there can be severe side effects like getting an infection in your brain? Please correct me if i was mis-informed. God Bless you and i hope that you continue to stay feeling better everyday. Love, DF

  • How old were you when diagnosed?

  • 57

  • Hi Currydan and thanks. I am on the fence about DBS, but a lot of my PD pals that have had it have done well once they recovered from the surgeries. I am taking meds every 2 hours and I'm now having to deal with dyskenesias and Dystonia. I was also diagnosed in 2010. Nothing comes easy with this disease, but at least there is hope :)

  • How true my new friend, if you have people that you know than you now know how much better there life's are , the important thing is getting a good team together and have a positive attitude going in and through the process. I was in the same position you are currently in, I can now walk around the block on my own and I take meds only 4 times in 24 hours. Please remember that you will still need some meds.

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