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Have mislaid my co-ordination. Can anyone help?


I seem to have lost my co-ordination. If anyone finds it could they return it to me, please.

I first noticed it was missing when trying to get the hang of my Tai Chi DVD. I worked really hard, but could not get the hang of it at all. I did wonder if the Instructor was not much good at explaining the moves as she seemed to go one way and I went the other. Then I thought that perhaps she did not know her left from her right. Why do my arms go one way and hers go in the opposite direction?

I tried, I really did and then it came to me in a flash, I have lost my co-ordination. The problem is I don't know where or when it went. Will it ever come back or will I have to get used to managing without it?

I am making light of this, but I realise it is not funny and is a problem many of us share. Tai Chi is supposed to help with co-ordination and balance so I will persevere and hopefully finally get the hang of it.

And I still have to try aqua aerobics!!!!


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I know what you mean. I walk like I'm drunk all the time. Strange, I quit drinking 28 years ago and now I look like I drink all the time. Might as well make what is heavy, light.


Keep working on the Tai Chi, it did help with my balance. Still don't want to be watched as I attempt it.

hi sue

atia chi really does hel;p with balance / co ordination

I have been doing it fo a few years(way b4 diagnosis) and i know it does help nbut it si difficult to grasp all at once

is it a class u go to or r u relying on a dvd - much harder to get the left and right correct when the instructor is facing u.

persevere and do no t misss the party tomorrow

lvoe jill :-)

Court in reply to jillannf6

Thanks Jill. Will persevere and know that is more difficult when person is facing you. Tai Chi will not beat me. Just trying to get hang of some moves with DVD, then hopefully progess to class.

Looking forward to party tomorrow. Hope my co-ordination is back for that!


I play balance games on the Wii ( I am getting good on the skateboard )

Court in reply to christinemc

I also play balance games on the Wii. The tightrope is my forte. Not too good at the ski jumping.

Hidden in reply to christinemc

I do the Tai Chi with my Xbox Connect. I don't get any credit if I'm not doing it correctly and at times the Xbox will tell you what you are doing wrong.

I dance like a zombie now.

Hi Court, I appreciate your levity but it no joke really. My wife and I started ballroom dancing lessons - I know, not tai chi - but the result is the same. My right leg and foot misbehaved all the time and in the end frustration got the better of me and I had to give it up. I did try really hard but "sh*t happens". I used to be very positive but had a few hard kicks from Mr P and while I accept my lot in life don't mean I like it. On the contrary Parkie is a bitch first class. Sounds negative? Yeah well you're right but 13 years down the line I don't care what other people say or think. They don't live with this "alien" day by day. You try to explain and you see their eyes gloss over, even sneer sometimes so i just say "I'm fine". Saves all the agro (for our US cousins that is aggrevation). Don't get pi**ed with me, please, lifes tough enough.

Court in reply to drew410

Sorry I didn't mean to give the impression that living with Parkinsons is fun. Quite the opposite in fact. Each day seems to bring more hills to climb and this is just my own particular way of coping - I absolutely understand that not everyone appreciates this.

Of course, I am not pi**ed with you. You are quite right life's tough enough. I am sorry you are in such a negative place at this time. I have seen Parkinsons at its worst as a close relative of mine also had it.

I know how you feel about people not understanding and not really being interested in how you are feeling. I am afraid they are selfish, but this is just human nature. None of us are fine.

HI Drew .. You are just saying it as it is .... It's not complaining , moaning , or looking for sympathy .

It does make you HYPERSENSITIVE ., that's a fact ..

They tell you to keep moving . You bl....y would if you could .wouldn;t you lol

Like you we use to love dancing , and I could never understand why my husband would suddenly change direction go backwards while was still going forward . LOL.

Eventually he did not want to get up any more .

We are all at different stages with this condition .

I say we because while my husband has Parkinsons so do I ..

I try to put myself in his place , (of course I can't ) so that I am able to support him to the best of my ability ..

It's so difficult for other to know how to be around someone with Parkinsons . It's been hard enough for us who live with it all the time . But try and be open about it , and when someone comes to give us a hand I always say THANKYOU VERY MUCH I CAN MANAGE but I KNOW i CAN ALWAYS ASK YOU IF I NEED ..

Maybe you would open the door for me and ask others to make way for us .

We belong to a local club , have been members for 30 years . My husband didnt want to keep going in the first place , he was very self conscious . I persuaded him to keep going , it's also a way of others learning something of it then if they meet another person with it they will know how to treat them .

It's a big struggle for him but when he gets back home he is always glad he made the effort ..

The only things I seem to keep track of are the things I use all the time. I always know where they are. But I've lost my ability to sleep. I sure didn't see that one coming. Misplaced my stamina too but maybe I just used it all up. Do you know anywhere I can buy more? I work at keeping my coordination with me always but lately it seems to stay in bed after I've gotten up and I have to go back and get it. Now if I could find my car keys....

Court in reply to jillfd

Thanks for this and for taking my comment in the spirit it was meant. I really didn't want to upset anyone.

drew410 in reply to jillfd

I had restless leg syndrome for 7 months last year. As a last resort I contacted my consultant. He prescribed a low doseage of Mirapex. Second night of taking it I slept right through and have since. I started taking them in November 2010. My consultant saw me a month later and upped to dosage to .25mg slow release. No side affects so that is one thing that is sooo much better. I still take my sinemet and azelect as normal. I know that it will not work for everyone but if you have not tried it and you are not sleeping may be worth a try.

Restless leg syndrome cuases legs to "jump" when lying down and sometimes "skin crawls" in the arms. Walking around helps but walking up and down the hallway of our bungalow in the middle of the night, sometimes all night is not fun. Sitting down just starts the whole process again. I would then get into bed at 8.00am exhausted and sleep for about 3/4 hours. Over time your batteries run down and you are tired all the time.

drew410 in reply to drew410

Sorry meant November 2011

Hi Court, It is me who should apologise and I do. Yesterday was a very bad day for me PD-wise. You could tell right? So again sorry. I will try and write something funny later today. For me that is good therapy. Be well, D

Court in reply to drew410

Absolutely no need to apologise. Only sorry you had a bad day. Afraid it goes with Parkinsons. Glad you are not feeling so down today.

Could do with a good laugh myself today.

tlongmire in reply to drew410

There is no need to apologize. We all have bad days. That's what's so great about this forum. There are people here to support you. We don't judge because we're all walking in "those damn tight fitting shoes" and we don't like it one bit either.

You can only get away with this story if you have PD!

An old guy residing in a nursing home became friendly with an old lady who was also living there. After a few weeks he persuaded her to hold his "willy" as it comforted him. This went on for several months. Within a week of another old lady taking up residence the old guy shunned his original lady friend for the new one. Needless to say the first lady was very put out and comfronted the old guy. "What's she got that I don't?" she enquired.

He replied "Parkinsons!"

tlongmire in reply to drew410


emswife in reply to drew410

Its great to share a sense of humour, helps us keep our sanity. Love this joke, please can I pass it on to some of the more "liberal minded" members of our local support group?

drew410 in reply to emswife

So glad you liked the wee story. Please feel free to tell anyone who will appreciate the irony. You gotta laugh. It's what keeps you going.

cowmom27 in reply to drew410

ha!ha!ha!Ha!teeeheee!!!teeeeheeee!!!! my sides are aching...............thanks for giggles...this is a good one!!!

Congrats, Drew! You have entered the world of PD, ie no two patients have the same symptoms. That means that frequently "my balance problem is different from your balance problem" so by all means keep your sense of humor.I have this experience, don't know of it is PD or one of my other Dxes, but I am struggling with it right now, and will finish this thought and lie down. At random times I suddenly feel totally drained to the point of "lie down or i will fall down" see you later..

The investigation.

Sadie went to see her doctor and when he asked her about her problem, she replied that she was suffering from a discharge.

The doctor said, "OK, Undress please and go lie down on the examination table."

She did what he asked.

The doctor put on his rubber gloves and began investigating her "private parts".

After a couple of minutes, he asked Sadie, "How does that feel?"

"Wonderful," replied Sadie, "but the discharge is from my ear."

Have a good day, Drew

Court in reply to drew410


Drew you are a stitch!!!!! Somedays I lose my balance---have to grab the wall until I find it, can't seem to find a good night's sleep anywhere and be damned if I know where I left THAT one, have lost comfortable shoes and have at least 6 pr scattered about as I'm looking for them, lost my ability to pick things up that I have dropped and I'm sure if anyone within earshot is thinking I have lost my mind as I talk to myself----spread your feet apart dummy before you tip over, that's it now stretch, you've almost got it , s-t-r-e-t-c-h, got-it!, damn, now do it again,-----I feel perfectly NORMAL (whatever that is) while sitting but I'll be damned I lose THAT as soon as I try to stand up----which takes at least 3 attempts before I succeed, and who is that gremlin who thinks they're hilarious adding extra letters to words I type on keyboard and hit enter before I find that some words look like gibberish--sometimes I think I've lost my sense of humor but stop a minute and find its still with me and its what keeps me going!!!!! Have a wonderful day all.

I have PD . I visit my local support group.

I still play keyboard..with a bit more tremolo...

I stand up ..Well nearly..

and tell Parky jokes .

Ie You have to adapt with PD .

Brushing teeth Ok .( mimic toothbrush)

Washing hair Ok ( rubbing head)

But using my cut throat razor still needs some work.


The neurologist told me on my birthday I'd got Parkinsons DiSease.

I reply .i normally get socks and smellies.


Imagine Donald Trump with PD .

In the White House .

Nuclear button .

Bang bang bang

There goes . China, Japan , North Korea and South Kor... Oops.

Gynaecologist with PD .

Gets fired for obvious reasons.

Just goes in one day a week to keep his hand in .

Sorry ha ha .... Not.

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