For me it's the last day of 2015. Looking back I see many ups and many downs, some related to PD, others just part of living and getting by in this world. I have so much to be grateful for!

I wish that 2016 brings an abundance of hope, joy, kindness and happiness to everyone. I also wish for everyone to have the courage and strength to make it through those times when we encounter difficulties.

Happy Year!


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  • Thank you, and Happy New Year to you also.

  • Hi Christy. Thank you for your kind wishes to us all. Have you not found that we only get out what we have put in? If we make the effort to exercise we feel better. If we dish out kindness, we get kindness back from others. If we smile at others they smile back at us.

    In other words we make our lives what they are!

    Good luck to everybody in 2016.


  • Thanks John. I agree kindness is a way of life as much as it is a character trait! Maintaining and sharing a positive attitude makes my life what it is.

    Happiness and health in 2016


  • Thanks Chris. Spread the word amongst all your fellow PwP's. Have a good year.


  • christymw, pardon a dumb question, but what kind of animal is that you are hugging in the photograph: a duck, a rabbit?

  • LOL-- that's Lily! She's our parrot. She loves cuddling in for nap times!

  • I added a pic of her above.

  • Wow, she's gorgeous! "Snow White, go eat your heart out!"

  • She's great! She can be so regal looking and then she starts playing and singing and laughing with my daughter and you know she's really a little clown!

  • Thank you dear Chris. Right back at you!

  • Chris, Thanks for sharing please check out my website parkinsons.me. I'm trying to build an on PD community and it would be great to talk. Ewan

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