Caregiver Summit in 2016

I am on a committee working on the agenda for a Caregiver Summit to be held in 2016. If you can share with me your concerns/needs/anecdotes/wish list, anything that would help you and your families, please let me know so we can include it in our conference. I appreciate your input and anything you share will be kept confidential. I know what my needs were when my husband was alive but as we know everyone's experience is different.

Thank you in advance.

Happy Holidays to all!

8 Replies

  • Would be OK to message you directly with our comments? That way we can be frank without upsetting anybody.

  • of course you can.

  • Could you give me more information about where when etc.

  • It will be Monday September 19, 2016 in Portland, Oregon

  • So at the World Parkinsin's Congress?

  • Apparently. We are still in the planning stages.

  • Use of marijuana compound CBD for PD would be a great topic

  • Unfortunately, this Summit is for Caregivers and the issues they face. How would the marijuana compound impact then?

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