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Happy Sunday!

Good Morning All,

How is everyone coping with the holiday season? The added activities can wear many of us down!

Does anyone have a holiday memory or tradition they'd like to share?

I never considered myself to be so drawn to maintaining traditions until I became a mom. For me decorating the tree is a tradition that I do every year. I like to put up our tree early in the season. I have sentimental attachments to some of the ornaments that bring back childhood memories. These include the set of 2 santas and 2 angels that my father gave to my mother when they first married. They are plastic, the angels have painted on hair and the santas have glued on beards. They are covered in flaking gold glitter with many small bare areas. Quite hideous. I love them and place them near the top with our other special ornaments such as the few ornaments my mom gave to my daughter each year before her death- my mom died when Emma was 3.

I still do most of the holiday decorating, but someday Emma will take over. I hope she keeps our traditions!


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Nope hate to say my Christmas spirit, has disappeared , about two weeks ago, when my husband who has advanced Parkinson's was admitted to hospital after a fall,

He will be in over Christmas and the new year.

Whilst he awaits a bed in our local cottage hospital, which is most unlikely to happen.

And his care that he used to have , stops, when admitted to hospital,

And I cannot get social care, or private care, due to the holidays..

Im devastated.

Hus mobility has declined so much he cannot get out of a chair unaided,

And with 2 different PD consultants changing his meds he's hallucinating.

My family do not think they should relieve me, and help out with the visiting.

I'm all in to be honest, have heart problems myself.

It's strange I always think that when you have a long time illness you find friends and relations .. Disappear..

However, I do wish all a Happy and pleasant. Christmas .⛄️🎄🍾🎈


Sounds like you are in for a rough patch. So sorry for your struggles! Sometimes people do seem to disappear when we go through hard times. Hang in there!! Wishing you and your husband much kindness!


I am sorry to hear you are having a bad time of it. The people that disappeared on you were not true friends. True friends are the ones that are there come hell or high water. Take control of your life. Your family will help you if only you ask some times we think people don't care. The truth is they just need to be asked.


Too bad we don't all live a bit closer so we could give hands-on support at crucial junctures. :-(



Im sorry your husband has had this happen. It must be a very hard thing to cope with for both of you, being in ill health. I pray some help and caring may come into your lives.

Stay positive. All the best.


I too wish we could all help you practically. But we are here with you with our thoughts and prayers.

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Hi u r so right

I found that as well

Family and friends are not that supportive makes me so sad theret r no tears left

My son who I helped to buy his house and my daughterinlaw who I adored said she would not help me one day a week with my bills etc

I still can't forget this but I will keep quiet

U r not alone many cases like this

Take care


Good morning

My best memory was Thanksgiving day 43 years ago. That is the day my baby girl and my first child was born. We had thanksgiving dinner in the hospital.

I was 19 at the time. We had been married 2 years and my wife was 17.

We are still together after 45 years.

Our total bill for 9 months of doctor care and a three day stay in the hospital was

$250 $125 to each.


That's wonderful!

I was a Thanksgiving baby too-- not the actual day, I arrive the next morning!

Our economy has sure changed, hasn't it?


Back then no one had insurance hospital or car I wonder why doctors and hospitals are so high (insurance?)?

Life was good then but better now in different ways.



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Holidaywise we do everything -- Christmas, Hanukah, and Chinese New Years! My most memorable Christmas was my first Christmas as a wife and mother. We managed to get a tree, but then I realized I didn't have any ornaments to put on it. I hollowed out some eggs and made ornaments out of the empty shells. We were pretty strapped back then so I made presents for my son and my husband. I made my husband a kimono robe and my son an abacus with wood dowels and beads, and a couple other things. My husband had a real head for numbers, and in about 5 minutes taught himself how to multiply two 3-digit numbers on the abacus! I could only marvel! My son used it as a musical instrument.

My husband has passed, but I still enjoy this memory!


It sounds like a sweet memory!

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