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Cranial pressure pain with inflight cabin pressure changes. DBS question

Several days ago I was landing in a Bombadier Q400 aircraft. It is a new state of the art turboprop 88 passenger plane. The flight was perfect but for the last several minutes. The cabin pressure was not well controlled and I felt as if my head would implode. The pain was severe and it lasted for 5-10 minutes until I could swallow popping my ears. I've had these situations before but never this severe.

Has anyone with DBS experienced anything similar?

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No, I haven't, but 5 to 10 minutes is an awfully long time to feel intense pain. My sympathies.


This is probably not a useful response, as I don't have DBS, but for several years, I have been wondering about a frightening experience where I felt my brain was going to implode or explode. The only time I felt my brain was going to implode was when I had a CATSCAN for my brain (to rule out other possibilities -e.g. a stroke-- for my diagnosis of Parkinson's) I had been suffering with Parky symptoms for a few years before finally getting diagnosed, and whatever a CATSCAN does or uses, it raised my concerns about what I had to a whole new level! Normally such procedures are no concern, so I figured something else was going on. Maybe there's some connection between being in a Bombardier aircraft and undergoing a CATSCAN? I have no idea!


I know exactly how excruciating that pain can be. I am 67, diagnosed with PD 9 yrs ago. There are a few factors to consider,I do not think PD has anything do with it. The pain is caused from clogged cavities in your sinuses, which occur when having a head cold or being affected by hay fever. I believe the type of airplane has little do do with the pain you feel more so the airport you are landing in as it dictates the the gliding path of the plane and in turn the speed of descent and change in air pressure. Solution: Tray to keep your sinuses clear using nasal

sprays, antihistamine, painkillers and do lots of swallowing during descent , chewing

lollies etc.

Good luck

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Great diagnosis, all of it makes sense, ez


Oh tweedle dee, oh tweedle dum I laughed at Parkys and he tried so hard to run .....but he just froze


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