Low Dose Naltrexone

Does anyone have any experience of taking Low Dose Naltrexone? I've now sourced a compounding pharmacist and doctor who will write a prescription in UK and am all set to try it. As I understand it, you take it at night, it dampens down your natural opiads for a few hours after which the body reacts by increasing endorphins and opioid growth factors, these in turn cause the immune system to strengthen. As such it's a very different approach to treatment. It's apparently very safe because you are taking such a tiny dose. And it's not expensive.

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  • I myself am getting an rx for this in a few days from my doc bc of severe pains and spasticity. CAN'T WAIT TO TRY IT! WILL gladly message with u if u want. :)

  • Yes please. Let's keep in touch and compare notes! d_m_bryan@hotmail.com

  • Ok I will !


  • Please see my reply to the article a few posts above this one, we've had great success, be patient. Our original thought was to just see if it would stop progression, nothing more. It has done more than that.

  • Great stuff! I have used it for several years.

    Read Honest Medicine-she will send yo u a list of providers who write the RX

    It has to be formulated properly. I get mine in the mail from Skip Lentz's pharmacy in Boca Ratan FL They may also know a doctor wh0 write for it. Their # is 561-852-6400 or 561-219-0111. Great resource. No side effects because it is low dose I think. Good Luck!!

  • Thank you. In UK you can get a prescription from Clinic 158, tel- 01413577357 and they send the prescription to one of the recommended compounding pharmacies.

  • Yes...I saw a presentation about that book ( you tube? Or TED?) AND that was definitely an impetus. I appreciate the Lentz. Pharmacy resource altho I found one that is local so I will start there first. That one is called the compounder. In Aurora IL.

  • Sorry which book?

  • My husband has been taking it for nine months and wont be without it. We are in the UK and our doctor prescribes it. He says it makes him feel optimistic. It isnt a cure though.

  • Used ldn for a year now with no benefit I can see.

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