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Stem Cell Trial for Parkinson's in Oz

Neural precursor cells will soon be implanted in 12 participants in human trials in the land of Oz ("because that nation’s clinical trial system is more 'interactive'.") "This will be the first Parkinson’s trial using replacement brain cells grown from stem cells, according to the clinical trial tracking site":

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Looks very interesting and the Tribune article doesn't give media hype, a very clear article explaining the trial well.

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The trial was reported in The Australian Newspaper on 15th Dec.

It did not receiv

e as much attention here in Australia as i would have expected.

What is your opinion on this research/trial ?



There are so many global biotech companies doing so many stem cell trials for so many different diseases and medical conditions that I think the spotlight gets dimmed a bit on any single one of them.

In any case, I find news like this out of Australia very encouraging because it comes at a time when recent developments in the field ensure a greater quantity and quality (far safer) of viable stem cell therapies than that available just a few years ago.

Even more importantly for us PD sufferers, this particular study involves implanting 'neural precursor' cells - stem cells programmed to become dopaminergic neurons (the shortage of which presently serves as the source of most of our problems).

Besides these 'neural precursor' cells cultured from ISCO's 'parthenogenetic' stem cells (derived from unfertilized human egg) used in this particular trial, there are numerous studies and trials involving similarly promising stem cell technologies currently being conducted in numerous locations around the globe.

Induced pluripotent stem cells (or IPSCs), which are adult cells that have been genetically reprogrammed to an embryonic stem cell–like state rendering them able to differentiate into a variety of cell types, are likely to be the basis of equally promising therapies in the months/years ahead.

This all leads me to believe that, if we continue to eat well, exercise, and stay positive for a couple more years, a workable solution will surely become available and enable us to turn things around for the better :D

Related article: "Parkinson's disease researchers have developed a way to ramp up the conversion of skin cells into dopamine neurons. They have identified -- and found a way to overcome -- a key obstacle to such cellular conversions."

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Thank you for your reply. I appreciate it.

The research and trials sound promising.

The attitude i have is as you state, exercise, eat well and stay positive.

If a treatment/cure comes along l will be forever grateful and how wownderful would that be.




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